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One of these things is not like the other!

January 15, 2009

This could be a textbook example of the differences between boys and girls!!! Rush tearing it up and Abby using her fork!

Rush had a Birthday!!

January 15, 2009

Tradition says, You must give a baby an entire chocolate cake and see what happens… Rush was not shy! He handled it like a pro!

Paige’s Birthday!

January 15, 2009

Paige had a great party! She got lots of cool gifts, the best being Heely’s from Grandma and Grandpa!  I can hardly believe she is seven now.  She is getting to be such a beautiful girl, smart and so fun to be around.  We really are so proud of her! 

Frozen pickle juice, a concession stand delicacy.

January 14, 2009
In Honor of this sweet little boys birthday, I am reposting my favorite post of him!

Ahhh, the allure of the baseball park concession stand. The aroma of fried food, candy and frozen pickle juice???

For a mere 25 cents you can buy frozen gatorade in a tiny 2 oz. little cup, my frugal heart breaks everytime my children blow all their quarters on these. But what happens when the gatorade runs out? The kids, with quarters burning holes in their pockets start buying the frozen pickle juice.
But, what happens when the baby not knowing any better pitches a fit for the frozen pickle juice expecting something sweet?
Let’s find out…

We tried to tell him, we tried to hide it, but somewhere in the back of my sick twisted little mind I wanted to see what would happen.
If you scroll down really fast it kinda looks like one of those little flip books from when you were a kid.

Ya’ll wouldn’t do that to your kids would you?


Acorn Squash (Paul’s Favorite Side Dish)

January 8, 2009

This is our favorite way to prepare acorn squash. It is sooooo good on a cold night and goes with anything! 
Cut squash in half and scoop out seeds. The end that has the tip or pointy part (technical term!) I cut off so that they sit flat. Cover a baking sheet with foil.  Set the squash on the tray, add a slice of butter, 1T or so of brown sugar and a piece of bacon. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at 375 for about 30 min. Or until the yellow flesh seems soft and pulls apart with a  fork. For some reason it won’t let me add the finished picture… but they are beautiful when cooked. The kids will even love these and they are so easy! Enjoy!

Fall World Series

January 6, 2009

Tucker’s Cardinals team went to the fall World Series. They were the team to beat. It was the best baseball game I have ever seen. Tucker is the catcher and is so quick to the ball, it is rare that anything gets by him. At this age there is still pitch count rules so both teams had to pull out their best pitchers in the bottom of the 5th so they can’t throw too many pitches. Going into the 6th inning it was tied 0-0. We held them in the top of the 6th, our best base runner, who also had a broken wrist, made it to 2nd. Since the 4th inning people had been stopping to watch the game from other teams. It was really intense. Our pitcher came up to bat, and hit a walk-off home run!! It was so well hit, the ball went over the fence and hit the scoreboard. I can’t even describe the stands reaction, I was hoarse from screaming for days, it was the first sporting even that I have ever cried at! Way to go Tucker and the Cardinals!

My New Hobby…

January 6, 2009

So I have this new “hobby” It’s called saving money. A friend taught me how to coupon… the right way. I now have shelves of products in the garage, we call it my stock pile. If there was ever a tooth paste shortage, don’t you worry I have enough for everyone! The above pictures are a few of my hauls. Paul is worried I am going to be arrested at some point for legally robbing CVS and Walgreens! I didn’t spend more than $21 out of my pocket for ALL the items in ALL 4 pictures. I saved over $400. I learned a lot from a few web sites, mostly and Oh yea, and I do buy about 6 papers a week. I might be crazy and you might think it is a waste of time, but I am saving about $600 a month on groceries, diapers and toiletries. So you all laugh, but when I am on the beach in Maui, paid for by my coupon savings…

I’m Growing Up!!

January 6, 2009

If you happen to be around a certain three year old and she utters those words it could get dangerous. Storie always says, “I’m growing up!” when she has to burp. I think that started because she thought she had to “throw up” one time, but discombobulated the words. Anyway, there was one time when she kept telling me she had to “grow up” in the grocery store.  I kept telling her “go ahead but not too fast…” Well, she turned her head and “grew up” all over Paige in one of those cool three seater kid grocery carts.  Paul and I pulled it off really well. We acted like nothing happened and managed to clean it up in front of 100 other shoppers that had no idea anyone just “grew up.” Anyway tonight when we were eating dinner she was arguing about whether or not her steak was chicken and whether or not she could have ketchup on it… she scrunched her little body up and down and told us “I’m trying to grow up!” She didn’t “grow up” or anything but it was hysterical.

Christmas Letter 2008

January 6, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

I was going to include a brown paper bag this year out of courtesy for all of you hyperventilating that a Christmas Card from the Ivanovsky’s came in the mail, and in the month of December no less. But I couldn’t find one that would fit in the envelope…

First, before I tell you how wonderful, beautiful and smart my children are, I have to tell you a story. About three weeks ago I was sitting at the kitchen table dispensing medication to the five out of six children who were sick with bronchitis and the invalid cat. I actually had a chart that I made to keep track of when who got what, some kids had up to 3 different medicines 4 times a day, and two kids were being nebulized every 4 hours, I was also forcing medicine down the cat at least twice a day. I was very sick with the same thing that I had come down with during hurricane Ike and couldn’t get rid of. Paul and I looked like the people from Night of the Living Dead. We both laid awake at night listening to the kids with asthma breath, debating when we should take them in to the emergency room. We also just got a new labradoodle puppy, who I am trying to potty train. I quit potty training the CHILD and have just focused on the DOG. The child by the way has just done it herself. Then there is the cat who got hit by a car and had three broken bones in its pelvis, so we were nursing it back to life. My day was really staring to look bad. In the mail that day I got a Christmas card, this is the beginning of December, I was hating whoever had sent it. But I vowed that this year no matter what, I was sending out cards. Then the last healthy child vomited on my foot.

Anyway, three weeks later life is great! Cat is up and walking, kids are all healthy, dog is kinda potty trained, child is totally trained and Paul and I are getting about three hours of sleep at a time! Quite honestly I quit sending out cards because I was sick of announcing a new child. But tada!! I am announcing the birth of our first BOY in 11 years!! Rush Craig Ivanovsky was born on January 15th of this past year. This kids is the sweetest thing you have ever seen, he is just starting to walk and is a little teddy bear. There is not a cuter kid on the planet.
Tucker is 11 and in 6th grade, he plays the saxophone, and is still in the gifted and talented program at school. I seriously can’t help him with homework any longer. He also just came off an amazing season of baseball, his team won the world series with a walk-off home-run and a no hitter. It was the first sporting event that I have cried at. Tucker also amazes us with his wicked sense of humor every day!! He also has a passion for politics that is going to get his parents in trouble!
Emma is 8 1/2 and in 3rd grade. Emma was baptized this year and loves achievement days at church. She is such a little mother and so good to everyone. Emma is so helpful to me I couldn’t do it without her, everyone needs the “Emma model” she comes complete with the best babysitter around accessory as well.
Paige is almost 7 and in 1st grade. I am the 1st grade level room mom coordinator for their school, so I get to spend a lot of time in her class room. She is well liked by all the kids in class because of her sweet personality and good nature. Paige had surgery on her ears last year and her hearing has improved greatly. She also is getting glasses as soon as they call to say they are in. We picked out ones that are stunning on her, she can wear anything and look good.
Avery is 5 and in Pre-K. She is the Martha Stewart in the group, I can ask her to do any project and she gets it done. Avery is really in tune with the needs and feeling of the rest of us and is so nice to have around!
Storie is 3 on the 29th of December. She is something else… We call her Storie Bean, as a nick name. She demands everywhere we go that people call her “Beaner” It makes for interesting conversation. You know how they say Women speak 10,000 words a day and Men speak 6,000? Well, Storie gets in no less than her 12,000 and I am not kidding. She and I have the most amazing chats during the day. I sure will miss my Storie at this age and don’t want her to grow up!  
Paul and I are doing good. My sister and her husband watched the kids last week so we could go to San Marcos and Christmas shop for a few days. Bless them. However, they no longer want kids. Not that ours were bad, actually the opposite, they just couldn’t believe how much work it was… Paul has been working hard, coaching, playing basket-ball and being the most amazing Dad. Really, I’m not trying to get new appliances… : ) He really does everything he can to lighten my load, and be as helpful as possible.
We love this time of year and look forward to hearing from all of you! Come visit or call anytime!

The Ivanovsky’s
So that was the Christmas letter that got sent out.  I hope it found it’s way to everyone’s home, but if you didn’t get one and think you should have, you probably should have and I hope you forgive me but now at least you know why it didn’t get there.
Christmas with six kids is always exciting!  The whole month before Christmas Storie kept telling everyone who asked “I want so-da!” for Christmas.  Aunt Anna asked her what kind and she said “Black.”  I think she wanted the Cherry Coke Zero, but for some reason Uncle Jeff and Aunt Anna thought mini Coke would work.  Who gives a three year old a caffeinated beverage?? I guess it’s Christmas, but boy was that one happy little kid. (We had to include a photo of Storie as she wouldn’t speak to Santa…)

The Official First Posting

January 6, 2009

Of the Ivanovsky Blog!  As you can tell I just threw up the first photo I saw, but I needed something to help me get it started.  So hang tight.  More is coming…