Softball Girl

Saturday was opening day for both Little League and for Softball. Paul and I spent the day running from one side of the park to the other catching both Tuckers mini tournament games, Emma’s game and team pictures. 8:15am to 2:45pm we drug little kids all over filling them with healthy foods like chicken on a stick, cupcakes and $5 a bag kettle-corn. At one point Paige handed someone her cupcake said, “I can’t finish it, it’s too much sugar!” But the highlight of the day was Emma getting her batting helmet spray painted! The boys are jealous because it is against rules in LL to have anything on your helmet.
The man who did the decorating was quite the character! He was a lot of fun. He did whisper that he prefers decorating motorcycles to little girls softball helmets-but I don’t believe him. I think he prefers the purple unicorns…

One Response to “Softball Girl”

  1. Tonia Says:

    That helmet did look cool.

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