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Mother’s Day Giveaway! Personalized Platter!

April 30, 2009

In honor of Mother’s Day I am going to do the giveaway this week. I have been painting personalized ceramic platters and plates for many years now. I started because I saw one in a store that I couldn’t afford! I thought to myself “I can do that”, and thats how it started! 

So for a Mother’s Day gift for you, I will paint a completely personalized platter or plate of your family to display where ever you want it! Check out my very small blog for ceramics here  or go to my jewelry blog and check that out. Pick your favorite thing and let me know what it is! For a second entry follow my blog and i’ll throw you in twice!
I am going to do this giveaway for 2 weeks this time. You won’t get the item by Mother’s Day but you will know if you have won!

An Astrolicious birthday surprise!

April 29, 2009
We go to a number of Astro’s games during the season, but this one was particularly fun. It was Emma’s and Owen DuBois’ birthday. So Suzanne set up a fun night for the kids.
We got there early for batting practice, and the kids took their places along the foul line in hopes of catching some foul balls. Owen caught a beautiful one right smack in his glove, later that night one of the ushers recognized him as the kid that caught the ball, it was that good of a catch!
Paul played baseball and football in high school with one of the Brewers players, so we said “hi”  to him and he threw us some more balls. No one left empty handed!

But the big surprise was after the 6th inning when they displayed this message across the jumbo screen!
This was Emma and Owen’s reaction!! They thought it was pretty cool!
Have you ever wondered what pure JOY and HAPPINESS looks like?

This is a picture of it.
Early Saturday morning we ran by a garage sale where they had a Astro’s foam finger for $1. I said “No way” and walked on. Storie talked about it all day. When we got to the game that night and Storie saw all the “finger foams” she completely lost it. Storie cried through 7 innings about how she needed a “finger foam”. She gave us many convincing arguments in between bursts of crying why her very happiness hinged on having a “finger foam”. Finally, Paul couldn’t take it anymore and went to find out how much they were…. $9!!! Are you kidding me, and I could have had one for $1 earlier in the day! I said “no way” again. 
By this time the people around us were taking up a collection themselves to buy her one so they could enjoy the last few minutes of the game without her crying.
Paul finally caved into her cuteness and bought the darn “finger foam”. I have to tell you, the pure happiness and joy that child felt almost made it worth it, but now I have visions of a little red sports car in our driveway for her 16th birthday…
She did sleep with it that night and still hasn’t put it down.
All in all a really fun night! Thanks to the DuBois’ for a fun birthday and great night!

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Name Bubbles

April 28, 2009

Apparently I did not get the memo that I needed to build an ARK this weekend, it has not stopped raining for days… and heavy at that. Check the news, Houston is under water! 

Soooo, due to the weather and the annoying TAKs tests this week for the kids, I did not have a chance to film them drawing a name as they ran for cover to the car this morning. But soaking wet and almost unreadable they drew:
Becky and Joe! 
(I will email you and let you know you have won, congats!! If I can’t in touch with Becky and Joe we will draw another name in a few days.)

Stay tuned! I have a really cool giveaway for Mother’s Day week!
~Everyone is south Texas, be careful and stay dry!

My Children are Good Citizens.

April 24, 2009

Just a quick shout out about how fantastic my kids are…

Our elementrary school focuses on 6 pillars in a program called Character Counts. The teachers choose one child from each grade level that they feel exemplify one of these qualities. They have an award ceremony for each pillar every month or so. 
My three children at that school were all chosen at different times for one of the grade level awards! Aren’t they awesome?!
Emma was chosen for Citizenship.
Paige was chosen for Respect.
Avery was chosen for Fairness.
They ROCK!
Emma also came in 8th place in the cross country 1 mile fun run for all the 3rd grade girls in a 4 school race! Way to go Emma! I think there were 60 girls competing. 
~ Shout out your kids achievements for this week!
~ Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway, it ends Sunday night.

Wednesday Giveaway!! Name Bubbles Camp Labels!!

April 22, 2009

Michelle at Name Bubbles has generously offered ANOTHER giveaway!! 

I think Name Bubbles are the coolest things since sliced bread! Read about my experiences “testing” their product HERE
Like I shared before,  Name Bubbles have rescued us from loosing a pair of Crocs which saved me $30! I am really excited about the new Camp Labels,  there are 124 labels in a pack and include all the cool ones, like the dishwasher safe and washing machine safe.
*Beats getting high off the smell of a sharpie!
So you know the drill! Visit Name Bubbles tell me which label pack you like and the colors, leave you email addy and name. For two shots at winning follow my blog!

Want to Start CVSing? Start with this.

April 22, 2009

Do you want to start to get good deals at CVS? Start with this easy one.

Buy 3 Tresemme Products (on sale 3 for $10), 
Use 3 of these coupons. $1 off 1 product  printable coupons.

If you do not have a CVS card. Get one NOW and use it when you make ANY purchase.

Your total will be $10.00 + tax – $3.00 in coupons so around $7.50. Now at the bottom of your receipt you will have a $5.00 ECB (Extra Care Buck) this is like cash, do not loose it! You can turn around now and purchase something else and pay for it with the ECB. Make sure you spend over $5.00 as you will not get any change back. 
If you do it this way it makes your Tresemme products about $0.67 each after coupons and ECBs.

Now this is where I can usually score some free things. I will take that $5.00 ECB and go back and buy the milk on sale this week for $2.79 and some of the toothpaste for $2.99. I will use a coupon on the toothpaste for .75 cents off. My total will be $5.04 I will use my $5.00 ECB and pay only tax for the milk and toothpaste. Now the best part, I am going to get 2 more ECB’s at the bottom of my receipt for the milk ($2.00) and the toothpaste ($2.00) Now I have $4 in ECB’s to but something else. Which since you can do the Tresemme deal twice I will probably do this again but instead of $7.50 out of my pocket to begin with I will hand them the $4 in ECB’s I have and the rest in cash to pay for it along with my coupons, but then I get back another $5.00 in ECB’s, which I will save for next week.

I hope this makes some sense. If not email me and I can help!

More Earth day FREE stuff!

April 22, 2009

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to go here and print your rebate for Reynold’s Wrap Foil made from 100% Recycled Aluminum. This rebate is only available today and only available while supplies last. Your purchase of this foil must be made by May 4, 2009 in order to receive the rebate.

::H-E-B stores are giving away 300,000 free reusable tote bags to anyone who brings in five plastic shopping bags from 3 P.M. until 7 P.M. today. More details here

Free tote bag at Walgreens

April 22, 2009

Tomorrow (April 22, 2009) you can get a free tote bag with any purchase at Walgreens. Print your coupon here. In addition, this coupon says it is good for 10-15% discount on select items–including Walgreens brand items. I’m not sure what all those included items will be, but it’s worth checking into, especially if it’s something already on a great sale. 

My Mom Logic

April 21, 2009

Mom Logic, What is that? It is no surprise that there is nothing logical about being a Mom. Everything related to motherhood is illogical. Logic means that there is some reason or sound judgement behind an action. Thus, telling me Motherhood is completely Illogical. 

I am actually thinking that motherhood might just be a disease, a highly contagious one at that. I’m going to call it illogical Mom Logic Syndrome or IMLS for short. It can affect any Women in love with a child, whether a biological or adoptive Mom, a favorite Aunt or even a new Grandmother. Symptoms usually include enlarged thighs and rear ends, drooping breasts, bags under the eyes. It has been known to cause completely irrational outbursts of emotion, such as crying during Kodak commercials. Or even forcing your children to watch Susan Boyle sing “I dreamed a dream” on youtube, bawling uncontrollably through each viewing.

Why do Mothers afflicted with IMLS cry? Because we have the ability to take a message out of the most illogical thing and apply it to us. This disease has taken over our ability to separate the non-Ivanovsky children things of this world, and the things that I can turn around and make be about the Ivanovsky children. For example, your little brother’s friends, uncle’s neighbor, had a leopard gecko that had a red scab that turned out to be reptile fungal disease. The rolodex of stored child ailments my kids have had is spinning in my brain. In my head I am thinking, “My Emma had a scab like that three years ago, it is gone now but maybe it could have been….”

We can’t think about things normally anymore once afflicted with IMLS syndrome. We are worried about lice, ring worm, ticks and other appropriate dinner time topics. Did the children get enough to eat for breakfast and how many bowel movements have they had this week? 

Along with IMLS syndrome Mothers are usually afflicted with some type of delusional self – image hallucinations. No matter how “hot” our spouse declares us, we torture ourselves with tankini’s and ill fitting capris. We go to tanning salons to try and camouflage the cottage cheese on our thighs by melting it off or confusing being tan with being skinny. 

But the most crippling part of IMLS is the inability to accept and realize that the antidote for this disease is with us all the time, usually wiping their little noses on our shoulder. It is our children in everything wonderful that they do all day that rescues us from everything ill-logical in this world and saves us when we have no hope left. 

That is my Mom Logic.

NOTE: This is my post for the Mom Logic Mother of All Bloggers Contest. Thank you for the nominations! If I am chosen in the top ten I will be back asking for your votes to win.  There are some fabulous Mom bloggers out there and the competition is fierce, the winner receives a new lap top and a lead article on Mother’s Day.

And the PB2 Winner is…

April 20, 2009
And the winner of the PB2 peanut butter is….
Hip 2 Homeschool otherwise known as Heather!
(I will email you can get your snail mail addy and get it in the mail tomorrow!)

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, in a few weeks I will do another PB2 giveaway! Check Back…
This weeks giveaway is a cool pack of Camp Labels from Name Bubbles! Come back and enter on Wednesday night. These are good for everything, not just for camp!