Guest Blogger, The best Aunt ever ~ Anna Tew!

So Tiffany is letting me be a guest blogger today… Woooohoo!  In case you couldn’t tell from the title (which I didn’t write, by the way but will totally vouch for), I am by far the coolest, bestest Aunt EVER! And one of the other bestest things about me is that I am totally humble about it. 

 Friday night Jeff and I came over and slept in Tiffany’s play room so we could watch their kids in the morning while they went to the triathlon.  I woke up five minutes later to Miller eating Avery’s tiara.  I took it away, but apparently I wasn’t quick enough as there were little pink feathers all over the room.  At 6 I woke up to Paul yelling at the dog who was trying to escape.  At 6:15 I rustled Emma and Paige out of bed so we could bike over to the park where the tri was taking place.  They were awesome and totally woke up the second I poked them, they had even slept in their clothes they were so excited.  At the tri we got to watch Mom and Dad (aka Tiff and Paul) participate in the whole thing from start to finish.  It was a blast.  The real fun came later when I called Jeff to see how his morning was going.  Apparently Avery woke him and everyone else up because she was screaming at Miller for destroying her tiara.  I don’t know what Miller was thinking…. Anyway, we drug Jeff to the tri and he brought all the other kids.  Wanna know another reason I’m so awesome?  I got the Houston Chronicle photographer to get pictures of Tiffany and Paul crossing the finish line.  Then for some reason, as if this wasn’t enough fun I thought it’d be more fun to just bring the girls over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the day.  So they came over and helped us paint the front porch, watch TV and scout a place out to go canoeing.  
Grandpa and I hauled the canoe down to the duck pond.  I wish I’d had a camera for Storie’s face.  She was very excited about the idea of going on a boat, and when she saw the canoe it was a look of pure joy-even better than the “Christmas Coke” face.  
Emma was at her softball game and Uncle Jeff went to go and pick her up, so we just had the three littlest ones.  They were hilarious.  Rush had never ridden the tricycle before now, and he was totally infatuated with it.  He was so happy to just sit on it in the grass that we left him there for quite a while.  *Lest y’all think that I left him ALONE on the edge of big pond by himself… he was there with his Grandma… who took pictures.  See, I think of EVERYTHING.*
Meanwhile, Paige, Avery and Storie got to hang out in the canoe.  Paige and Storie were a little iffy with the water-rats, especially after Grandpa told them they ate small kids.  But Avery kept trying to get in the water.  I finally had to just push her in… 
It was hilarious to see Avery in the water.  I can’t even tell you how brave that little girl is, all she wanted to do was jump in the water and swim… do little pirouettes in her life jacket and sing to the “alligator.”  Paige, on the other hand wanted to go in but was scared that she was going to get eaten alive by some sort of lochness monster.  She did get in though and had a great time swimming… after I pushed her… 
When Jeff brought Emma all Storie wanted to do was sit on his shoulders and enjoy watching her sisters.  She loves Uncle Jeffy.   Emma saw Avery in the water and couldn’t get her shoes off fast enough to jump in and swim.  They were hysterical.  I’ll post the video when we get it off the camera.  
I doubt that Rush even realized he was wearing a life jacket, in a boat, surrounded by water.  All he wanted to do was lounge in Paige’s lap.
After the canoeing fiasco Grandma threw the girls in her shower, cleaned them up with clean underwear and some of her shirts.  And then she even let them spend the night.  Lucky girls!  Jeff and I took Rush home cause he puked on Grandma in his sleep… 
So Sunday morning the girls woke up and got to make pancakes, ride bikes and watch a movie.  Could they seriously get any luckier??  
Anyway, sorry this post isn’t as funny as it should be-I’m short on time and I have to rescue Avery’s webkinz.  Miller is eating it.
Special Thanks To
Paige, Emma and Avery, who read over my should the whole time
And special thanks to Avery’s request to type in her rap about the pink alligator who wanted to eat her-it was respectfully ignored… 
A Note To Tonia
Sorry I am lame and haven’t babysat your kids a whole weekend! But just know that you get a turn next… but not til we come back from Euuuuurope!!! 

One Response to “Guest Blogger, The best Aunt ever ~ Anna Tew!”

  1. Tonia Says:

    Anna, Until you do you won't be allowed to be a guest blogger on my blog!! (Oh, the incentive…)

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