Father’s Day Ideas!

Father’s Day I have to admit is kinda an easy holiday to celebrate! It always has to do with food for the most part and car accessories which are easy to shop for. We typically grill out, the kids make Dad a card, and he gets a new tie for church. I thought I would shake things up a bit this year and forego the tie. You know add some real drama to the mix!
 “What no tie?” he will exclaim! 
“Wow, this is a cool holiday!” The kids and I walk off superstars!
All joking aside, kinda, I love this day. Father’s are the best, we need them, and they like to get a little something for their hard work just like we do!
This year we are making Paul a little photo book. The pages are decorated in baseball and golf, the kids are going to write in some messages, when I can get rid of him, and we will add some pictures.

I was taking pictures on the sly this morning and didn’t get a picture of my favorite page. Paul always sings the kids the John Denver song, “Sunshine on my Shoulders” so there is a page with some of the verses to that song.

Good thing he doesn’t read my blog!
At the ballpark they serve a curious item called chicken on a  stick. No kidding, that is exactly what it is, chicken on a stick. We try and not make things confusing here in the south. So I figured, hey, I can do it too. 

I got a really good deal on chicken tenders last week and bought a bunch, and had coupons plus a huge sale and decided to be a little crazy and buy marinade, not make it. It can’t get easier than this.
I skewered all the tenders on kabob sticks that I had soaked in water, you know so they can be thrown on the grill and not burn. 
Next, I put all the tenders in  a bag and set that in a dish, I figured this way less cleaning and the marinade would sit on the chicken better. 
I dumped two different kinds of marinade on and completely ignored the directions. They said let sit for 30 min. I let sit for about 6 hours!
I think the Teriyaki tasted a little better, but both were supper good considering it took all of 10 min. to prepare and then threw them on the grill. They were perfect for the kids, they ate it right off the stick, no forks or nothing!
Sunday, I think we will do steaks instead, do you think steak on a stick would work???

What plans do you have for Father’s Day?? What are your favorite Father’s Day traditions? Don’t be afraid, speak up, I need ideas!!
~ Check back tomorrow for all the FREE things for Dad’s I can find!

7 Responses to “Father’s Day Ideas!”

  1. Tonia Says:

    HEB has a deal (I heard) where if you buy a 25$ gift card to places like Bass Pro Shops and the like you get a free 25$ gift card to travelocity for hotel use. So, if you are travelling this summer and the gift cards match up with something you would buy for Father's Day this could be an awesome deal. I am out the door to check it out. I will let you know!

  2. Kadi Says:

    We do a day spa. We started this several years ago and it was a big hit! We soak his feet in scented warm water and my boys rub one foot each. My daughter rubs the shoulders and I rub his hands. He likes it so much he wants day spa for all of the holidays! Oh, also the kids like to make him breakfast in bed, which mostly means cold cereal and orange juice in fancy dishes. It's the thought…

  3. Tonia Says:

    Gift Card Deal – Not really worth it unless all the stars align. There are only certain cards that have the promotional code and then you have to purchase two nights in a row and the final cost has to be over $150 dollars. So, if you're hubby really wants something from Bass Pro or Lowes, you happen to be in a store that has a gift card with the code on the back, and you happen to be leaving for a trip before December where you will stay at a nicer hotel for more than one night the deal might work out for ya! Otherwise you could probably get online and find the promotional code somewhere else.

  4. Corn Says:

    We take my husband fishing and this year he wants to go see the new Star Trek flick afterwards, he's such a Sci-Fi Geek. Love your book idea and those kebabs look yummy. I love grilling EVERYTHING in the summer.Happy Father's Day!!!

  5. Together We Save Says:

    These kabobs look yummy. Our plans this year are my nephews wedding. Why is he getting married on Father's Day? Well it is a good question.

  6. babyyahyah Says:

    i am going to do those chicken on a stick!

  7. Tyson Suzanne Cristine Brooklyn Tanner Says:

    I have made these with steak and they turned out very yummy! I did make my own seasoning though- not sure if that makes a difference.

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