CVS printable coupons, FREE nuts!

When you walk into a CVS the first thing you should do is scan your CVS card at their price check machine. This will print you off CVS coupons to use in the store. Yours might look like this one…

This week mine has been spitting out coupons for $2/2 bags of gold emblem nuts. The trail size bags of cashews are .99 cents. So I have been walking out of CVS with two free bags of nuts all week! I am normally not in there that much, but I have been making photo books all week!

Also, I have been getting some good $4/20 purchase. Don’t forget to scan your card!


2 Responses to “CVS printable coupons, FREE nuts!”

  1. Julia Says:

    I love scanning my card! Can you explain the photo books…I haven't been able to "get" that deal yet.Thanks!Julia @ The Frugal Find

  2. I'm So Pretty Says:

    If only our little CVS had the scanning machine thingy. I guess it's just too small to be considered for one…

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