Repost Tips for traveling with 6 kids!

Tips for traveling with 6 kids….

When you plan on being in the car for a 19 hour trip one way you must do the following…

– Pack everything you THINK you might need and see if your husband can fit it all in.
– Always bring very messy snacks, like sticky candy and powdered donuts.
– Never underestimate how often a 3 year old needs to pee, and never try to call her bluff.
– Pack the diapers and wipes together in the bottom of a suitcase and pack it first so it is hardest to get out.
– #1 thing to do, forget your glasses so your husband has to do the ENTIRE drive by himself while you play on the laptop.
Tips for getting a hotel with 8 people.
– There is a reason they charge $39.99 a room. Fork out the extra $20 for the $59.99 and you might get clean towels.
– Always say, “It’s just my wife and kids” they never could imagine you forgot to tell them about the “other” 4 kids that will be sharing the room also.
– Get 2 queens not 1 king. The king only invites ALL the kids to sleep with you.
– Bring sleeping bags and make the big kids use those.
– Lay all 4 girls the wrong way on the bed… you can only fit 2 the correct way but if you pack them in like sardines you only have to bring in 2 sleeping bags. Hey, their small, and they still think it is fun to be uncomfortable all night.
– NEVER let the baby play with the remote. This is a hotel/motel you never know what channels they have. The 1 year old might flip to something COMPLETELY inappropriate with all the kids watching while Mom is in the bathroom and Dad is cleaning out the car…. They also charge you for the remote when it magically disappears and you can’t return it to the front.

6 Responses to “Repost Tips for traveling with 6 kids!”

  1. Riahli Says:

    Ha, ha! Sounds fun. I will remember these tips for our next road trip. 😉

  2. Mrs. Buys More and Mr. Saves A. Lot Says:

    Once again girly! You made me smile!!!! Thanks for all the chuckles you give me! Hey … come over and sign up for the new giveaway!

  3. babyyahyah Says:

    lol thats so true. we have 5 kids and my dh never tells them about all the "other" kids.

  4. Life by the Handful Says:

    When do kids begin to care about being comfortable at night? I truly hope it's when they are in their late 20's. Great post.

  5. Naty Says:

    LOL…:) you are so funny!

  6. April and Doug Says:

    We made a trip from GA to Charleston SC in May – loaded down car – our three kids in the back seat of our Honda Accord. I was really impressed, the oldest, loudest – really the only one who can actually complain and make sense. . . . never did! My only problem is convincing the dear hubby that we must pack everything we THINK we may need. Nothing irritates me more than being in po-dunk USA and having to shell out $10 for some name brand Tylenol at the local gas station! I've learned – – I just stash it in places he doesn't check before we leave, then I'm a hero on the road 🙂

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