Repost Oldie but Goodie!

I originally posted this a few months ago, but I always need the laugh!
I had children to keep me humble.

I have just enough self esteem left to share this story with y’all. Then after this I am done, no one look me in the eye I am just too embarrassed! The thing that I love the most about 3 year olds is their honesty. They don’t lie or beat around the bush, if they have something to say, they say it.
The following is a true story, it happened to me yesterday morning…
Because I am a Mother and have no privacy, as I was getting out of the shower my favorite 3 year old walked into my bathroom. I was drying myself off with a towel when I noticed her staring at me with a questionable look.
“What’s going on Storie?” I asked.
Staring straight at my breasts she says, “why are they so long?”
Speechless, I manage to mumble, “because I am a Mom.”
Without hesitation she replies, “you look like an elephant” and walks away.

So thats it. I look like an elephant and I have long breasts. I wanted to scream down the hall at her… “yea well, hey there little girl, I just got done nursing for 11 years in a row, sometimes two children at a time and a few of you ungrateful children till you were two!”But I didn’t think she would care. The damage is done, I have no self esteem left!

Does anyone know a good plastic surgeon?

2 Responses to “Repost Oldie but Goodie!”

  1. A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) Says:

    Two words: Support bra.Two years breastfeeding? You freak.I personally weaned my oldest boy two weeks before his second birthday.I mourned later.

  2. Cr4zySAHMandArmywife Says:

    Don't you love how kids can always put a new perspective on things? LOL

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