Kroger Hamburger Helper Free + Money Maker!

The Coupon Nerd is reporting this deal at Kroger this week! Good for her, very good find! She has a cute site!

Hambuger/Chicken Helper is part of the MEGA deal this week at Kroger.
Certain varieties are marked at 80 cents (look carefully at the shelf tags)

She picked up these for 80 cents:
– Sloppy Joe
– Cheesy Ranch Burger
– Creamy Chicken Helper

Buy 3 Hamburger/Chicken Helper @ 80 cents each
– minus 50 cents each for MEGA deal
– minus $.75 off 3, doubled to $1.00 off 3
= 10 cent MONEYMAKER
IF you have the $.75 Shortcuts ecoupon loaded then you’ll make 85 cents when you buy 3

I am going to try this since my kids actually love hamburger helper!


4 Responses to “Kroger Hamburger Helper Free + Money Maker!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    We wont get the Q double here in Texas but still a really good deal! 🙂

  2. The Short Mom Says:

    the kroger i went to had those exact ones for .97 each and i'm not sure what the mega deal is, could you explain that please? I paid .97 with nothing else taken off and i bought 6 boxes

  3. The Mom Says:

    First, if a deal doesn't work out like you had planned always know that you can return the items if you feel like you didn't get a good deal.There is a chance the deal was regional, like I said I have not tried it yet. Also, I have noticed that my prices where i live are always higher than other peoples. She had a mega deal going on at her Kroger, mine starts tomorrow. That is where she got her .50 cents off. Did you use any coupons? She used .75 cent coupon. Also, you can "load" your kroger card with ecoupons to take off more. If you didn't use any coupons with the deal it wouldn't be as good of a deal. It is a hassle but take them back if it wasn't a good deal. Sorry that you had trouble!

  4. The Short Mom Says:

    Oh no I still got them cheap so thats good! I just wanted to make sure I didn't do it wrong. 😀 I need to check the ad for the mega deal and when it starts but I bet since we live around the same area its tomorrow as well so I may take them back tomorrow and buy them right back. I appreciate all the tips you post!

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