New giveaway!! Silverware LOVE necklace!

I am posting this a little early, I have to work in the morning and don’t want to miss getting it out!
This giveaway is on honor of You! All you Mom’s and your back to school efforts! Do something a little funky to celebrate/mourn the children leaving for the day. Unless you homeschool, then you just deserve it for that. Period.

Rachelle is giving the winner a Treez necklace. It is cool, it is funky, it is a conversation piece and here it is….
The chain is sterling silver 16″ long. The stones are all lighter in color and the entire piece is aged slightly.

I have ordered a few things from Rachelle, and she has a super fast turnaround and great prices.
This piece below is MINE. I love it, you should have seen me trying to take a picture of it outside so you could see the size when it is on. The neighbors thought I was taking cleavage shots, a guy riding his bike by asked if he could help. Nice.

You know the drill, check out SpoonerZ, and tell me what your favorite piece is. Leave your email address, and for an additional entry, blog about it on your site (make sure you let me know!) or follow me.

Happy back to school!

53 Responses to “New giveaway!! Silverware LOVE necklace!”

  1. Maureen Light Photography Says:

    I've seen jewelry made from utensils before, but certainly not as creative as these! How fun!! I love how some of them you can't even tell that they are made from them. Greatness!! "Togethernezz Fork Bracelet" has got to be my favorite, actually everything on page three. Might have to fork it over to my mom,… she was given a plastic fork with all the prongs broken off except the middle one once in the drive-thru line due to her not being able to make up her mind and taking so long to order. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    P.S. I'm also a follower:)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Wow…there are a lot of really cool creations on her site! Gozzip Bracelet and the Key Fob are a couple of my favorites! What a unique necklace for the giveaway:)

  4. Becky and Joe Says:

    What awesome stuff! I live the 4 timez necklace.

  5. snbjork Says:

    That is some awesome jewelry! I love the Tinez After Tinez necklace and the Fork Top Family Necklace. So fun!

  6. girlsinwhitedresses Says:

    Her things are really pretty! My fave is probably Love'Z Grand Fork Necklace, although I like lots of it. I don't wear a lot of jewelry either (since I've had kids I just don't pay that much attention to me!), but I'd like to wade back into the "pretty" waters. This would be a wonderful way to start! Thanks 😉

  7. Suzanne Says:

    My favorite is the Zlammin' Hammer & the BaZeball Spoon Keychain. BTW–no fair on the extra entry for a blog…I don't have a blog…am probably the only person in the free world that doesn't have a blog!!

  8. Life by the Handful Says:

    I am also a proud follower.

  9. Life by the Handful Says:

    I'm so excited to find "mom" jewlery that is not ridiculously priced. I love, love, love, the Fork Top Family Necklace! Actually she does crazy awesome work, and I love so many but that one is my fave. Christmas just got easier.

  10. fiveofakind Says:

    Hi! Please sign me up for the giveaway. Neat Necklace. I follow the blog too! 🙂

  11. Katy and Wes Says: I just love her rings. Everything was so cute there! Oh and I'm a follower too!

  12. ClipQueen Says:

    clipqueen@cox.netI loved everything! Each piece was so unique! I really liked the spoon endz bracelet. How nice that you can inscribe names on each link. What a great gift for a mother.

  13. GMa Nila Says:

    Fork Top Family Necklace is my favorite. Pick me Pick meI'm a follower

  14. Hendrickson Family Says:

    I like the earrings. Very different.

  15. jennymartin116 Says:

    i follow u

  16. jennymartin116 Says:

    What a cool Idea! I have seen jewelry made from spoons before but it usually bracelets…I love the Spoon Endz Necklace–you can have a spoon end for all ur kids!

  17. Rhea Says:

    I'm a follower

  18. Rhea Says:

    My favorite item is a toss up between the love or laugh treez necklaces. Fingers crossed! I love them!

  19. Emily Says:

    I like the 6 or more spoon ends necklace. This jewelry is so clever! What a fun giveaway.-Emilylivelarge4less(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  20. ShaNae Says:

    I love the Tinez After Tinez necklace. Cute, creative. Thanks.

  21. goincrazixo Says:

    i'm following your blog!

  22. jennyb78 Says:

    My favorite piece is the Love'z Grand Fork Necklace. I love all of the original pieces!

  23. .:Anna:. Says:

    *sigh* here's crossing my fingers to winning! I like the spoon stuff-spoons have always been my favorite utensil

  24. Heather Says:

    I adore the MiZter and MrZ. Anniversary Spoon Bracelet.heatherdemke(at)gmail(dot)com

  25. Carly Says:

    Whoa, how to pick just one!! Definately not your mother's silverware jewelry!! I love it all, but I guess my fave is Grammaz Pride Bracelet…will make an awesome Christmas gift!

  26. Carly Says:

    Whoa, how to pick just one!! Definately not your mother's silverware jewelry!! I love it all, but I guess my fave is Grammaz Pride Bracelet…will make an awesome Christmas gift!

  27. Heather Says:

    what an interesting necklace would be a nice addition to my collection.

  28. The Penny-Pinching Mama Says:

    I'm now following your blog!-Heather D.

  29. The Penny-Pinching Mama Says:

    I LOVE silverware jewelry! My fae is Curly ForkZ ReverZible Bracelet. It's hard to pick just one, there are many things I'd choose if funds allowed! -Heather D.

  30. brokenomore Says:

    Wow these are so unique. I love them all!

  31. RR Says:

    What fun things! I like the Black IZe Tea Spoon Bracelet Bangle.

  32. jenj22 Says:

    Tinez After Tinez is my favorite.

  33. Shelley Frady Says:

    Everything is so unique !! I love the family spoonz bracelet that is customized.

  34. Yuliana Says:

    Love the necklace!

  35. Rita Says:

    I like the necklace you have pictured the best, but I also like the Live, Laugh, Love ring!

  36. Celeste Says:

    Follower!contact me

  37. Celeste Says:

    I love all of the stackable rings!contact me

  38. Young in TX Says:

    Fork Top Family Necklace.

  39. Happy about Life! Says:

    I love the one exactly like is posted with the word love on it. Thanks! love your blog…

  40. Tracy Says:


  41. Tracy Says:

    I like the spoon endz plus family

  42. Anne Says:

    I follow and whoops here is that emailanne molino at hotmail dot com

  43. Anne Says:

    I love the Zweet Tweets Sterling Silver Bracelet

  44. Alice Says:

    I follow.

  45. Alice Says:

    Her jewelry is amazing and so unique. I love the Hooked on SpoonZ Bracelet.

  46. Sylvia Says:

    Wow! Can't believe I almost missed this one…I love every single spoon end. I also love the stackable rings. Clever. Clever. Clever.I never win giveaways but it was sure fun to browse her shop. Thanks for the reminder!

  47. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    i follow you chawksgirl4ever at att dot net

  48. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    family zpoon neclace is my favechawksgirl4ever at att dot net

  49. Amanda Says:

    My fav was the rings. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  50. jenn Says:

    I'm also a follower. :)

  51. jenn Says:

    How cute is that?! Who knew spoons could be so fashionable?? I love the rings. Very creative!

  52. Naty Says:

    I would LOVE to win the necklace!!!I'm a follower…:):)

  53. Jamie Says:

    What cool stuff…I like the butter-knife bookmark!

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