Giveaway! Personalized Kids Chore Charts *3 Winners!*

This weeks giveaway, is made just for you, by me!
A month or two ago I wrote a big long post on how we do chores and how I make my chore charts. You can read it HERE.
So this weeks winners, there will be three, get to boss me around and have me make them their very own chore charts for their kids, or grandkids, or husbands…

I have fun making these. I will work with you on age appropriate jobs, and how you want them personalized for your kids. Like colors and the cute little background scrapbook paper.

I laminate them with VERY HEAVY laminating material so they last. The idea is that you write on these with dry erase markers, which I will include, and rub off every week. So they last. I use large flat magnets on the back ( if you want) so that you can attach them to your fridge.

Three winners will be chosen by my kids,
up to 6 chore charts each.
Leave me a comment telling me your least favorite chore to enter!
For extra entries, follow me, blog/twitter about it, and make sure you tell me!


104 Responses to “Giveaway! Personalized Kids Chore Charts *3 Winners!*”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Cleaning bathrooms!! Would love to win this for my 3 little ones!!

  2. Audrey Says:

    Count me in! I hate cleaning bathrooms, especially the toilet!P.S. I'm a follower.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I am also a

  4. jessica Says:

    unloading the dishwasher!!!! uhhh. i think we're running it every day! i'm a follower too!

  5. Watch Mom Shop Says:

    I hate cleaning the shower because its so hard to get mold out of the corners. I'm a follower!

  6. A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) Says:

    Unloading the dishwasherLoading the dishwasherCleaning dirty panties

  7. Corn Says:

    Hi there! Bathrooms for sure, I have three men in my life. I am a follower and you are on my site too. Have a great week and thanks for the giveaway, love the charts.

  8. Katy and Wes Says:

    Oh and I'm a follower

  9. Katy and Wes Says:

    I hate cleaning bathrooms and most of toilets! I can't stand them!

  10. Jen Says:

    I am a follower.

  11. Jen Says:

    My least favorite chores is dishes. I dream of owning a dishwasher someday! I have a 6 year old daughter, and would love to set one of these up for her.

  12. luvin' life Says:

    Toilets. not very original I'm afraid, but who can like that chore?-Sarah

  13. runninmommyx4 Says:

    putting the laundry away after it's folded. I would love to win this for my 4 little ones. Thanks!Jenny

  14. Short On Cents Says:

    i am already a follower lvn777 at charter dot net

  15. Short On Cents Says:

    TOILETS, not bathrooms but TOILETS this is just N A S T Y!

  16. Brandi Says:

    Laundry! I am out numbered at my house. I have DH and 3 boys ages 4 and under. I'm forever dealing with dirty clothes!

  17. Lori Says:

    I am going to have to say the toilets must be my least favorite! Laundry is also high up there because it is NEVER done!Lori D in OK

  18. The Lopez Family Blog Says:

    I hate doing the dishes cause its never ending! I can't wait till my girls are old enough to take over that chore!

  19. K Says:

    I hate do the laundry. It never ends.

  20. April and Doug Says:

    Oh and I'm a stalker. . . I mean follower!

  21. April and Doug Says:

    Oh Tiffany these are awesome! I would love these!!!! My least favorite chore it's a toss up – laundry or cleaning bathrooms. Thanks!April

  22. Chad & Josanna Says:

    I'd love to win this for my 4 kids (and my husband!). My least favorite chore is mopping, beacuse it never stays clean very long.

  23. Fregal Says:

    Mopping the floors… Between the dog, two kids and a husband it is dirty before I finish.

  24. bethf202 Says:

    I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I love it! My son got a Scholastic magazine from school and it had readers top 5 blogs in it. Love the freebies!My least favorite job – was scooping poop of our very large dog. But I have now delegated that to my 8 year old. So now I would have to say dusting because it seems like I am just shifting the dust around!

  25. snbjork Says:

    I'm a subscriber!

  26. snbjork Says:

    Hmmm…I hate most chores. Least favorites are probably mopping the floors and putting away the folded

  27. jennymartin116 Says:

    I follow u!

  28. jennymartin116 Says:

    Are there any chores I like to do? I hate cleaning bathrooms, and changing sheets….

  29. Colleen Says:

    Awesome charts! I have 2 boys….. always a mess. I hate mopping floors! Makes me hot and doesn't last long enough to make it worth it!Love your blog!Colleen

  30. Jenny Zepf Says:

    Those are so cool! I would love one! I hate to put the laundry away. I do not mind washing or folding, but putting it away, forget it!

  31. LaLa Says:

    I would love to have this for my 6 year old daughter. She is in Kindergarten and I am in nursing school. This would be a great way to keep her interested in helping out around the house. Did I mention I hate folding and putting away laundry??I love your blog, I have been following for a couple of months.

  32. The Robinsons Says:

    We have 6 in our family. My husband and I and our 4 girls. We have tried very hard to do a chore chart. The chores I hand out the most are unloading the dishwasher and folding the laundry.

  33. Tranv Says:

    I would have to say laundry we are a family of six as well and it seems to be never ending.mjctv at yahoo dot com

  34. Happy about Life! Says:

    I don't like any chores! :O

  35. Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes Says:

    Picky up the kids toys. So annoying when they are all over the play room and in their room.My daughter has been asking me to leave post it notes of chores she needs to do. lol This will be better. 😉

  36. Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes Says:

    I've been subscribed to you vis Reader but I am following you too. 😉

  37. Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes Says:

    Tweeted about you. 😉

  38. Tracy Says:

    I am a

  39. Tracy Says:

    Although I hate doing the "dirty" stuff, I really, really hate dealing with paperwork (filing, etc.)

  40. Superwoman Says:

    humm, I really, really hate bathrooms, laundry and dishes because they never end.

  41. Superwoman Says:

    humm, I really, really hate bathrooms, laundry and dishes because they never end.

  42. H Luban Says:

    We would love to win these! My three little ones need some motivation to help more around the house! My least favorite chore…Laundry! I can't seem to keep on top of it!

  43. cricketg Says:

    I really don't like any chores…guess that is why they are called chores!!! Least fav would be bathrooms- Would love to have the chore charts for the kids 🙂

  44. 4 BOYS ONLY Says:

    I have a five year old here who absolutely refuses to help out. Maybe, Maybe, this would help him! I am a follower, of course!

  45. Kimber Says:

    I follow your wonderful blog as well!

  46. Kimber Says:

    Fun chore charts! I think my boys should have to clean their own bathroom. Stinky!

  47. Tonia Says:

    Laundry and dishes. They just never end.

  48. Jenny Says:

    What a great giveaway! My personal least favorite is changing sheets, but I love climbing into a bed with fresh sheets on it!

  49. Maryanna Cone Says:

    The worst chore…taking out the diaper pail. Even though we have bags to help stop the odor it still stinks! and sometimes you can see the yuckies coming out of the diapers…sooooo gross!

  50. goad092395 Says:

    Bathrooms have to be the worst—especially the toilets! Let's just say BOYS ARE GROSS! (I tell me daughter to always remember that, or at least for a few more years 🙂 Laundry comes in 2nd—I love the fresh smell and how it feels coming straight out of the dryer. On the other hand, forget to take out a load and you are stuck with wrinkles. If water and electricity were FREE, I would say just wash it again!!!!!!!

  51. Marissa Says:

    I've been needing to make these for my kids. Thanks for the give away.

  52. Mommy's Home!! Says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  53. Mommy's Home!! Says:

    My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom, so I have a deal with my husband that he handles the bathrooms and I handle the rest!

  54. Mommy's Home!! Says:

    My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom, so I have a deal with my husband that he handles the bathrooms and I handle the rest!

  55. Lisa Says:

    I subscribe through a reader, too! Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity.

  56. Lisa Says:

    My husband and I switch off either bathing the kids or washing the dishes after dinner. One is quiet and peaceful, the other–not so much!

  57. Jennifer Says:

    The kitchen/laundry room floor. With 3 young kids and 1 very large dog (with even larger paws), I am constantly wiping something up. We are starting to introduce chores to my two oldest (ages 4 and 3), so the charts would be so helpful!

  58. Rebecca R. Says:

    I dislike doing dishes! The last month or two, my oldest 4 children out of our 7 children (11, 9 1/2, 7 1/2, 5 1/2) have started doing them in pairs, switching off each week.

  59. Rebecca R. Says:

    I am an email subscriber . . . does that count? 🙂

  60. Rebecca R. Says:

    I am a follower.elireeves at stny dot rr dot com

  61. Rebecca R. Says:

    I twittered under ID southdepot elireeves at stny dot rr dot com

  62. Rebecca R. Says:

    I blogged at elireeves at stny dot rr dot com

  63. Pat Says:

    I hate cleaning showers so it doesn't get done very much!!

  64. demomom1 Says:

    Oh yes, i would love this for my 4 kids 🙂 I HATE the toilet…i make my son clean it.I am also a follower and a friend on facebook 🙂

  65. All of Us Says:

    I follow your blog and tell people about you when they ask where I find my great ideas and tips.

  66. All of Us Says:

    I hate folding and putting away clothes. I will pile up 7 extra large loads and make my husband nuts before I have a folding party with a movie. We go through the same scenario until it all gets put away. Right now I have a pile of clothes to be put on hangers, and it has been there almost 2 weeks. I need to go take care of that now that I posted it for the world to see. Motivation?

  67. Arizona Nielsens Says:

    I just decided this week that my little girl needed a chore chart. I can't stand folding the laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Maybe that'll be something on my girl's list!!

  68. KatieCouturexo Says:

    i am a follower!!!

  69. KatieCouturexo Says:

    oh god!! I HATE folding clothes!!! i lol

  70. annsu Says:


  71. annsu Says:

    I don't like…doing trash.Thanks!

  72. Tina Says:

    Oh yeah, I am a new follower!

  73. Tina Says:

    These charts are AWESOME!! Way better than what I have now!

  74. andrea v Says:

    My least favorite is putting everyone elses laundry away.

  75. Raag Says:

    I hate to do any kitchen work on the week-ends. Specially the dishes after food……ewww!I am ready to eat in paper plates than toclean the dishes.

  76. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    im a follower

  77. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    i hate washing dishes and putting away laundry

  78. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    i hate washing dishes and putting away laundry

  79. Sadie Says:

    Emptying and loading the dishwasher! Love your blog, by the way.

  80. Ramsey Says:

    Dusting. Although, thanks to my current state even standing on my feet feels like a chore 🙂

  81. Life at The Hadenfeldt's Says:

    I don't particularly getting off my duff to clean but, I do love having a clean house. My least favorite chore to do would have to be laundry, because of all the stains that I have to stain treat. I am so glad that I clicked on the link on my friends blog to find yours. You are amazing, and I appreciate your efforts in helping others save. Thank you!

  82. Yvonne Says:

    I hate washing dishes. always have, always will. we currently live in an apartment with NO dishwasher and i refuse to use paper plates so i have to do my least favorite thing twice a day. ugh

  83. Andrea Says:

    Dusting is my least favorite chore to do but the kids help with the feather

  84. Kathryn Says:

    Even though I consider it one of the most important my least favorite chore is cleaning the bathrooms, especially the toilet.

  85. A Bushel and Peck and Pigtails Paper Trails Says:

    laundry is my least favorite chore…these charts are great!

  86. Michelle Collins Says:

    I'm a follower =) Personally, I hate emptying the dishwasher…I don't know what it is…but I'd rather clean toilets and empty litter boxes than empty the dishwasher…I think it's because it just seems tedious and it adds on time before being able to load the dishwasher again.

  87. The Adkins Family Says:

    I'm thinking of so many things…Probably putting away laundry.

  88. AmyR Says:

    I have to say that mopping is my least favorite chore.

  89. Rhea Says:

    Mine is cleaning the toilet. I'm a follower also.Rhea

  90. Angela Says:

    My least favorite chore is the laundry! All the sorting, washing, drying, folding, hanging, and ironing is a lot!

  91. The Perfect Trio Says:

    my least favorite chore is dishes! or the bathrooms…

  92. The Perfect Trio Says:

    i now follow you!

  93. The Perfect Trio Says:

    i tweeted… jonahbonah is my

  94. Blakely Says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  95. Naty Says:

    Love to win this one..I hate loading and unloading the dishwasher.

  96. Christina Bond Says:

    I know this isn't a weekly chore but I get overwhelmed trying to keep all of the kids clothes, socks, shoes, hats, etc. organized. I feel that with 4 constantly growing kids the bins for "out grown, but save for next kid"', "give to charity", "purchased for next year or season", "needs mending", "needs stain treatment", etc. seem to be a never ending project. Thanks for all your great tips! I love checking in to see what new ideas you've come up

  97. sherry Says:

    The very worst chore ever is scooping the dog poop. Seems everyone disappears when its time for that job. Thanks for your consideration.

  98. Melanie Says:

    These are sooo neat!! My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathrooms!!!

  99. Sadie Says:

    I am a new follower. Enter me twice 🙂

  100. akared75 Says:

    I would LOVE to win these! Now my 7 yr old and 5 yr old twins may not, but with a 16 month old and another due in a couple months ANYTHING to make the house run smoother is a PLUS! Oh and I am a follower! You're in my morning routine! :o)Oh and the chore I HATE the most… waking up in the morning to find they my "wonderful" husband did a load of laundry and dumped it on the couch for me to pick up, cuz the kids have pushed it all to the floor, sort through, because of course he missed some stains, and then to fold and put away! AGH! HATE when mornings start that way!!!!

  101. Bombtastic Belle Says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom – when we usd to have only have one my husband would clean it fo rme, now we each have one and he doesn't anymore. *lol*eod_army_wife04(at)yahoo(dot)com

  102. 123 checkoutourfamily Says:

    It's the dishes. For some reason, I just don't like them. I'll put them off and do other things. My hubby is good to help with dishes since he knows they're not my favorite. The crazy thing is we have a dishwasher. Hahaha

  103. adorkable2143 Says:

    My least favorite chore is having to pick up the dog poop that accumulates in our backyard! Its sooo nasty!!!I am a new follower, and i am excited to find your blog, and for this entryThank you!Laura

  104. Amanda Says:

    My least favorite chore is mopping. I have four kids under the age of eight and a dog who likes to get muddy. I usually have to mop back over footprints before the floor dries.

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