HP computer blow-out sale!

This is an email from a reader, thanks Margaret for the information! If you are in the market for a new computer or a nice Christmas present you might want to take a look around.

*Update, these come with a free upgrade to Windows 7.

“I just wanted to let you know about a great deal that I found: At hp.com, they are having a GIANT clearance on many of their laptops because they are unveiling their new models within the next few weeks. These computers offer several hundred dollars of discounts and free upgrades included or offered at reduced cost, and free shipping. Most computer stores are already sold out of these models- the rush is on!
This afternoon, I began to smell something burning. I thought it was my free Glade candle, but no, it was my old, faithful laptop internally melting. So, we logged on and customized a cute dv2 model with several upgrades, and had the choice of using coupon codes or a student discount. All in all, we saved SEVERAL hundred dollars off of my new, tiny, 12.1″ computer.”


2 Responses to “HP computer blow-out sale!”

  1. The Vowles Family Says:

    FYI These will probably have the awful Vista operating system, Windows 7 (the new awesome operating system) is launching Oct22nd.

  2. marsch Says:

    Actually, it includes a free upgrade to Windows 7. So no worries 🙂 –Margaret

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