Target trip 10-12 Peanut Butter!

I walked around picking up mostly clearance items and checking out the deals.

I price matched the Skippy to Walgreens add and used the $1 off Target coupon to make them $.60 cents a piece.
Mentos were on clearance for $1.45, used $.55 cent coupon.
Oreo’s were $1.50 off when I bought the milk (tear pad by the Oreo’s).
M&M’s were 2 for $4, I used $1 manufacturer coupon and $1 Target coupon.
Target brand popcorn on clearance for $1.07.
Go Lean Crunch on sale for $2.75, used $3/1 coupons from Vocal Point.
Dole mandarine oranges on sale for $1.70, used $.75/2 coupons.
Halloween items for class goodie bags, $3.99.
I spent $27 total after coupons. Before coupons my total was $51. All in all a good trip.


2 Responses to “Target trip 10-12 Peanut Butter!”

  1. Christy Says:

    Were you able to buy all the peanut butter in one transaction? I went tonight and just wanted to get three, but they only let me use 1 Target coupon, so I only got one:-(

  2. The Mom Says:

    Christy,That is ridicules! I bought 14 jars in one transaction using 14 Target coupons at one time, I was even at the service desk with a manager! That is silly they won't let you use more than one. I think it even says that you can use more than one in the new Target Corporate policy! I would call corporate tomorrow and ask for clarification….

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