Choir Concert, are we this old?

Our oldest son had his first choir concert for junior high last night. Are we really this old? When did we have a kids old enough to be in junior high? The really freaky thing is that he is going to the same junior high that I did!
This is my Mom trying to give him a kiss… too cool for Grandma? Might want to rethink that kid, with Christmas around the corner!

My husband and I with Tucker. It is weird that one night he is playing football and baseball, the next he is either at choir or band. Well rounded OR over involved?? I haven’t come to a decision on that one yet!


One Response to “Choir Concert, are we this old?”

  1. Tonia Says:

    Whoa, he looks so grown up with a cummerbund (is that what it is called?) Awesome pic of you by the way.

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