Sit and spin only $10 at Target!

My husband and I went to Toy R Us yesterday to get this for my son, when we got to the register they informed us that they do not take internet printed coupons…. So I was looking for another place to pick this up at.

Thanks to Deal Finding Chik who saw this in her add!

5 Responses to “Sit and spin only $10 at Target!”

  1. Deal Finding Chik Says:

    Toys R Us doesnt take internet coupons?! Wow! I'm glad to know that! The other day I almost went with lots of coupons! That woulda sucked! LOL

  2. The Mom Says:

    I have no ides what their "corporate" policy is. But that is what they told me at the register…I had not tried to use coupons there before yesterday.

  3. *Mandy Says:

    I went to Toys R Us a few weeks ago and bought the busy ball popper for around $5. They retail for $24.99. I used a 5/25 Q (I had to add gum as a filler to hit over 25) Then I had a $10 gift card for buying the $30 in P&G products, and I also used my $5 Internet Printable coupon. I guess it just depends on the cashier. But they def took mine with no problem.

  4. Savvy Addy Says:

    Rumor has it – the sit n' spin is only $16.50 at Wal-Mart. $6.50 is an amazing deal!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I used a printable coupon at Target a week ago when I did the Snow White deal. The cashier didn't even blink. In fact I had a second and gave her one when she asked where I got such a great coupon. LOL I think it does depend on the cashier. Unfortunately, they all don't seem to get it. I'm about to call Walgreen's corporate on my local Walgreen's for coupon issues too. Ugh!

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