Pampered Chef Giveaway Winner!

We finally drew the name for the winner of The Pampered Chef items! I am the same way as most of you, I have re-gifted a few times mostly baby stuff, I had a 10.8 pounder… and wedding items. We had almost 40 frames. Onto the drawing… Funny enough, the first name the kids drew was their Aunt Anna!! She said,

Um-I’d tell you what I regifted but then you’d know where your presents come from…
just kidding.
I’m too selfish to regift!!! Although I’m pretty sure I’ve done it.
I follow, I tweet… I stalk!

I made them draw another name! I’ll share my PC stuff with her and give her a few razors, she will be happy!
So the next name they drew was…

Katy and Wes!

I hate to admit it but I have regifted before. When we got married we got four really nice sets of knifes and cutting blocks and boards. And it was a very busy weekend. We had 3 friends get married the same weekend as us. So we did keep a couple sets of knifes for us and gave away a couple. Horrible, I know but they were really nice presents!

Email me Katy so I can get your box in the mail!


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