Walgreens trip October 25th.

I am on a roll, 3 trips to Walgreens and no problems! What is this world coming to! Quick I should buy a lottery ticket, I seem to be lucky lately!
Transaction #1
Soft Soap Base $5.99
Soft Soap refill $3.99
Chapstick $2.99
Used Soft Soap coupon from 10-25 SS Buy one get base free.
Total $9.72
Got back $3 Register Reward and $4 Register Reward
Transaction #2
5 Angel Soft TP $3.50
2 Pudding $.25 (filler)
Used 5 Angel Soft $1/1 coupon
Used $4 and $3 Register Reward from previous transaction
Total $6.45
I saved $20.77
Not the greatest trip but if I had walked in and just bought the 5 packages of TP at regular price that would have been $20. I spent $16.17 total.


2 Responses to “Walgreens trip October 25th.”

  1. Joy Says:

    Thanks for visiting me. I didn't even know it was on there yet. I better go check! She should go interview you. I felt kind of inadequate. Your blog is amazing. Such cute kiddos.YaY! Another Woodlands Blogger.Your header is amazing. I wish I knew how to do all this stuff.♥ Joy

  2. beth Says:

    I am stocked on tp from sales at Walgreens the past couple weeks! Check my blog post later this week…waiting on Qs from ebay, but I have some great transactions planned!

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