UP and Monster inc. at Target $11.89 for both!

This is how my morning went…
“Paul, honey, sweetheart, I really need you to do me a favor.”
“Umm, O.K.”
“Go to my blog, read the post about getting the movies at Target, print the coupons, go to Best Buy, grab a weekly ad, go to Target and buy the movies price matching them… thanks!”
Now, this is the cool part.
He actually did it! The deal was even better than I thought!
At Target UP was on sale for $19.99 anyway, so he just price matched it from best Buy, used the coupons HERE and HERE and HERE.
His total was $11.89 for both movies!
His receipt said he saved $51.00. Awesome! Way to go honey!



One Response to “UP and Monster inc. at Target $11.89 for both!”

  1. Jenni Gross Says:

    My husband and I went tonight! Our total was $13.01. Must be the sales tax! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your blog, I read it everyday. My coworkers think I'm crazy, but I've saved alot! πŸ™‚

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