Kmart doubling deals.

This post is from Spectacularsavings, this is also her picture. I do not have a Kmart near me so I am not familiar with the doubling there. Thank you Savings for reminding me that you need to sign up for the rewards card in order to get these deals, go HERE to read about it. 

Kmart is, indeed, doubling!! There were several signs at my Kmart giving information about the promotion!

*You can double up to 5 coupons each day.
*You can double coupons up to $2 (doubling to $4).
*Promotion runs through 12/19.
I can’t remember the limit of like coupons but I believe it was 4. I will get the rest of the guidelines to you as soon as I find them!

Here’s what I did:


(2) Ritz $2.50 each
(2) Glade candle tins $3 each
(2) Glade refills $3 each
(1) Bic Silky Touch disposable razor package 3.49

 (2) $1/1 Ritz from 11/8 insert (doubled to $2)
(2) $1.50 Glade from inside tin (doubled to $3)
(2) FREE refill when you buy tins
$2/1 Bic disposable razors – not sure where this came from, it was from a coupon train (doubled to $4)

Paid: $1.66
Got $2 oyno catalina from buying $10 worth of Glade


One Response to “Kmart doubling deals.”

  1. Spectacular Savings Says:

    Also wanted to add… need to sign up for their rewards program in order to get in on this promotion!

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