So, did you get one??

I have been at work all day so I was not able to run out and go do this price matching deal at Target. Were you able to get one??
I have been hearing from people that YES they are pricematching it…
Yes, they will price match it but NO they can’t take the coupon with it…
No they don’t pricematch 2 day sales….

What did you find???

After talking to a few friends I don’t think that I would try and do this deal unless you are already at Target and have time to waste. Please do not make a special trip unless you can take the disappointment. It seems that a call has gone out to all Targets to STOP price matching this deal as it is a “door buster” and they do not price match these.


17 Responses to “So, did you get one??”

  1. Kerrie Says:

    I got 2! I bought 2 leapfrog toys and 3 boxes of target brand wipes and I only paid $2 out of pocket! I was told I could only purchase 1 leapfrog toy, so I asked kindly to show me where in the policy it's says that. She called her manager and he said I was in the right. Thank's for the great deals, it really helped that I had a copy of both the price match and the coupon policy in hand.

  2. ncbell240 Says:

    I got two. Paid .49 each

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I got one and even got $0.05 off for bringing in my own bag.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My store swears they CANNOT price match a doorbuster sale. Sucks to be me.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I got one with no problem

  6. Anonymous Says:

    My store won't do it either. I called corporate and was told that Target policy states that they don't honor Doorbuster 2 day sales.

  7. Lake Says:

    I bought one. $.53 out of pocket. I didn't have any problems.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    No stores in my area will do it either.

  9. Shasta Says:

    Super Target at cypresswood and I-45 will only do one of either the coupon or price match, not both. The guest services manager said the decision came down from her supervisors and that they have add to do that to a lot of the toys that have coupons from Target & can be priced match 😦

  10. The Mom Says:

    Susan was just there and they wouldn't ket her do anything!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    austin, tx target wouldn't price match doorbusters, either. bummer!!

  12. Kim Says:

    Not at any of our Targets either. They were all actually quite nasty about the whole situation. Exact quote from one manager, "You would actually expect me to sell you this for .49? You're crazy, lady!" Won't be visiting that Target again.

  13. wehave5sons Says:

    I did it 3 times, but did it on Thursday…maybe before too much word got out? Told friend about it and she did it thursday night too, no problem. We are in Kansas City.

  14. Alison Says:

    I went to three Targets and all the stores were out of it so I am guessing that if they had some, they were all gone because of the price match. I did the price match on the Connect 4, Clue Spies, and Pictura Flipper so that I could get the two coupons off and I got them for $4 a game! I was at least excited enough to make up for missing the leap frog which my little guy would have actually liked but I guess that we can get it for $10 when is comes back in or wait for the next sale ad for a chance for a bargin.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Here in PHX, they were out of Leapfrog catapillars. Didnt have enough time to go to the store that had some in stock (too far away). Thanks for the info. though..

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I got mone for .49 her in SC with no problems.. for those who do not know…. (I'm new to this price matching thing) you do not use your coupons at the register when doing a price match. Atleast that is what the CSR told me. She had to refund the transaction and redo it to price match.

  17. Over Thirty Mommy Says:

    I think that Target got wise and pulled them off the shelves in some stores.I went to get one Friday and they shelf was empty, I had to go back to Target Saturday afternoon (shortly after the sale time ended) and saw a lady leaving the store with one. I went back to the toy area and there were more on the shelf.Coincidence? I think not!I tired though! Maybe next time.

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