Black Friday Deals

Do you shop Black Friday…
O.K. I’ll admit it here. I LOVE shopping on black friday. It’s sick, I know!
It is fun because it has become a little bit of a tradition in my family. On Thursday when all the men are lounging on the sofa all my sisters and sister-in-laws and other female family members are in the kitchen sitting around the table looking for deals and making a plan.
We usually spend the night in the same place and get up at who knows how early, split up and shop the sales. We are usually home by 9:30am, then fairly miserably tired the rest of the day!
Anyway, HERE are the stores that have released their sales already.



2 Responses to “Black Friday Deals”

  1. Life with the Crowls Says:

    I Love Black Friday My 2 SIL and i go every year. We leave around 4 in the morning and are not home till about 7-8 that night.

  2. Letty Says:

    It is the same at my house. All my girlfriends and my mom get together and look at the ads on Thursday and then we leave at 3 a.m. I think part of it is the thrill of a good deal and then part is the goofing of with good company!

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