48 hour giveaway! Jade necklace from China!

This giveaway will only last until Tuesday night…
My Father is a Geologist, he travels to China very frequently. I always have a list of things that I have him pick up for me when he goes. Last time he went I asked him to pick something up for a giveaway on my blog. He came home with this darling jade necklace he found in Beijing.
It is hard to see how pretty the color is indoors at night. It is very light almost white jade with just a very slight familiar greenish tone.
The flower is very intricately carved. The center of the flower is a little cluster of red beads.
The necklace is beautifully knotted and a fisherman’s knot is used to adjust the size.
I had my daughter model it for us. I almost wore it to church today!
To enter to win, leave a comment telling me what your favorite stone, gemstone, etc. is and why.
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For more entries, blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway!
I write all your names out by hand so don’t worry, I will get your name in as many times as it needs to be! Good Luck!
P.S. Thanks Dad, for getting this for me!


55 Responses to “48 hour giveaway! Jade necklace from China!”

  1. Riahli Says:

    My favorite is Amber. My favorite type is the warm brown Amber. I guess I like it because it's so earthy and brown is one of my favorite colors…plus it goes well with my freckles. πŸ™‚

  2. emmalee821 Says:

    I love Jade…I have always loved the color and in jewelry its so pretty! I had a friend in elementary school named Jade and I have since been a fan! kindof corny but true:) I also do Love opal…I guess I love them all…

  3. Julie Says:

    That necklace is gorgeous! I love Jade. I have a cousin named Jade! I love almost all jewelry and gemstones! What a fab giveaway and what a great dad!!!

  4. Shelly T. Says:

    Such a cute necklace!My favorite gemstome is amethyst. s-tay(at)cox(dot)net

  5. ncbell240 Says:

    My favorite stone is the Opal. It is also my birthstone. Diamonds aren't bad either!! Very pretty necklace.

  6. Tracy Says:

    What a pretty necklace. I love the color of the amethyst, but I like them all. I am also a subscriber.

  7. YT Says:

    I looooooooove stones. I can't think of what my favorite is. I love emeralds! Oh and opals are amazing!Denise

  8. Jenny Says:

    I love turquoise.

  9. Jenny Says:

    I follow your blog.

  10. Jenny Says:

    posted offer on facebook.

  11. Lisa S. Says:

    Oh how lovely! I love geology and jewelry. πŸ™‚ My favorite is probably turquoise but it's rare that I meet a stone that doesn't make my heart go thumpity thump.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I love blue topaz. It reminds me of my daughter who now lives far away as it is her favorite color and stone to wear. Your beautiful jade necklace looks gorgeous too!

  13. Danielle Folsom Says:

    My favorite is moonstone. I just love how unique it is and how magical it looks.

  14. Hall Family Says:

    I am not quite sure what my favorite is…I guess Amythest because it's my birthstone. Mostly, I like anything cute or pretty πŸ™‚

  15. cricketg Says:

    Such a beautiful necklace πŸ™‚ My favorite stone would have to be a diamond. I also think pearls are fabulous!

  16. Ramsey Says:

    I love Amber because of the warm color.

  17. oliv2b Says:

    I love purple amythest because it reminds me of my Grandma. I have always like all kinds of gemstones, I was one of those kids that had a rock tumbler growing up, and I made jewelry for all my friends and family.

  18. Oergel Says:

    My favorite gemstone is Amber. I love the little fairy's that dance inside of the dark brown stone.

  19. Amy K Says:

    What a beautiful necklace! My favorite is Ruby because it is my birthstone.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    My favorite stone is definitely an emerald, especially a princess cut! That cut will make any stone gorgeous! I love it because emerald's are my birthstone and green is my absolute favorite color!

  21. Audrey Says:

    Count me in! My favorite stone is a diamond . . . it's my birthstone, and since it's colorless, it's the only gemstone that truly goes with everything!I am a follower, too.

  22. Amy Says:

    My favorite is black onyx. I have a ring my grandmother gave me when I was in junior high and if ever fits again, you can bet I'll hardly ever take it off.

  23. Amy Says:


  24. Kassidy Says:

    kmfacker@gmail.com I love emerald

  25. Becky Says:

    This necklace is gorgeous! What an awesome dad you have. πŸ™‚ My favorite stone is anything PINK! πŸ™‚

  26. Letty Says:

    My fave stone is turquoise. I love all the variations there is of it. It is also my favorite color!

  27. A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) Says:

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

  28. Hall Family Says:

    I am a facebook follower πŸ™‚ Facebooking giveaway πŸ™‚

  29. Trish Says:

    Beautiful! I love jade and onyx.

  30. Katy and Wes Says:

    My favorite stone is the sapphire just becuase it is my birthstone.

  31. Katy and Wes Says:

    I also subscribe to your blog.

  32. Over Thirty Mommy Says:

    I love sapphires because they are my birthstone but my favorite stone is a mystic topaz. I found them on a trip to Jamaica that my husband took me on for my 30th birthday. I love all the colors.

  33. Over Thirty Mommy Says:

    Blog subscriber

  34. Jennifer G Says:

    I love aquamarine because it is my birthstone. I love rose quartz because it is so pretty. I love pyrite because it sparkles. I just love gems and stones in general. The jade necklace you are giving away is so pretty I don't know how you can part with it. You are very generous.

  35. Robyn Says:

    i love pearls…does that count! this is beautiful!

  36. Anna Says:

    I like diamonds.In large quantities.The're a girls best friend.

  37. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    i love cate eys stones i just think there beautiful and neat to look at diamonds i wouldnt complain about either

  38. Chawksgirl4ever Says:

    i subscribe to you by email

  39. Amanda Says:

    My favorite gemstone is diamond. I always wished it was my birthstone, but instead I got peridot.corley@wildblue.net

  40. Amanda Says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber.corley@wildblue.net

  41. Anonymous Says:

    This is beautiful! My favorite would have to be pearls. I LOVE the way they look; how they can be dressed up or down. Thanks!thegood3 at gmail dot com

  42. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful necklace! My favorite stone is a sapphire as it my kids birthstone. Thank you!janene777@verizon.net

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Even though Ruby is my birthstone, I've always been parial to pearls…but with a necklace a beautiful as that…I'd settle for Jade! πŸ™‚ Thanks! Paulacornellfamily@net-port.com

  44. fiveofakind Says:

    Hi! I like the look of gemstones in general. Thanks for the chance at this unique Giveaway!

  45. Michelle Kilpatrick Says:

    I like amber. It is a very warm stone that looks great with most of my wardrobe.

  46. babette Says:

    dimonds there eternal and match everything

  47. Megan Says:

    Gorgeous necklace! I love rubies, they are my birthstone as well as my daughters πŸ™‚

  48. Hannah Says:

    I wish I could be original and get away from my birthstone, but I really DO like topaz. My favorite topaz, though is the blue, not the ugly yellow of November's stone. As for the why…My grandmother bought be a beautiful blue topaz ring for my ninth birthday and it's been my favorite ever since!

  49. Safire Says:

    I love sapphires because they are my birthstone. And they match my eyes. πŸ™‚ But my next favorite stone has to be pearls…They are so smooth and cool!

  50. Safire Says:

    I blogged about it here: http://safiregiveaways.blogspot.com/2009/11/tuesday-nov-24.html

  51. Michelle Says:

    My favorite gemstones are pearls. Simple, classic, refined. And I was born in June.

  52. rebornbutterfly Says:

    LOVE Peridot! It's my birthstone!rebornbutterfly (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  53. Tina Says:

    I love blue, so sapphire it is!tinaptinajanet1@verizon.net

  54. Young in TX Says:

    My fave is garnet since it's my birthdstone. Laura in TX123yes456@gmail.com

  55. Tish Says:

    I love topaz. It is my birthstone. :)lettie1978@gmail.com

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