Sit and Spin for $.67!!

This deal is from a sweet friend…
 I found the playskool sit and spin for $14.99 @ shopko (current 3 day flyer ending Sat)! Went to Wal-Mart for price matching and with $10 off coupon in hand (from;, as well as $5 off coupon from playskool…payed $ .67 for a sit and spin!!! :)”
Thanks so much for th email Shani!



5 Responses to “Sit and Spin for $.67!!”

  1. Amanda Davis Says:

    I would LOVE some help with this deal please! The facebook link re-directed me to with the $10 coupon, but I'm not able to find the $5 coupon, even at the playschool website. Is there anyways you or the original poster may be able to provide a link? Thanks so much!Amanda

  2. The Mom Says:

    Amanda! I emailed Shani and asked her to leave a comment to help you… sorry I can't answer this one! Thanks Shan in advance!

  3. Amanda Davis Says:

    Thanks so much! I think it expires tonight though 😦 No biggie. BTW: Your site has been AMAZING to read and follow! Thank you!

  4. jennie Says:

    Does Walmart let you use two coupons on one item like Target.

  5. The Wilde Family Says:

    Sorry, I didn't get see this until tonight…the cashier @ walmart actually just honored the $5 coupon shopko mentioned in their ad for the sit and spin. Even if they didn't though, I would have been happy to pay $5 for the sit and spin w/ the $10 off coupon. I hope you were able to get it!

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