Crayola review and 24 hour giveaway!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to review a really cool box of nice Crayola products, thanks to My Blog Spark! They sent three of their newest products, all items that we have wanted to try.
When the box came I had the kids pick one of the items out to donate to Toys for Tots. They chose the The Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song This portable drawing and music creation station features a pressure-sensitive board that matches a melody to the artist’s pace. Draw fast, and the tempo picks up. Slow down, and so does the music. Four instrument buttons let kids pick their favorite sound. Color Me a Song was named a “Toy of the Year” by FamilyFun magazine and one of American Baby magazine’s picks for “Best Toys of the Year.” For children 24 months and up; suggested retail price is $24.99.
Right away they ripped into the Crayola Glow Dome which they had seen at the store and were begging for anyway! The colors and rotating action are neat, different, and the kids like the new-ness of writing on something clear. They all played with the Dome unsupervised for almost an hour. Winner in my book!
This last one was really interesting… The Crayola Glow Station was the neatest in my book, the technology was very cool. Using a light wand, children can either draw freehand or use stencils and texture sheets to create more realistic drawings. A diamond-shaped tip can be snapped on the end of the light wand for stamping unique starburst designs on the canvas. Drawings magically disappear over time, or can be “erased” by turning on the lights, so kids can create again and again for limitless fun. For children ages six and up; suggested retail price is $29.99.
Personally, I think these would make really nice Christmas presents. I would so much rather have the kids get toys that stimulate their imagination than mindless cheap toys that I toss in a month!
Crayola and My Blog Spark have offered to give one of my readers a Glow Dome!
To win your very own Crayola Glow Dome, leave a comment telling us what your favorite Crayola color is!
Mine is either Burnt Sienna or Cerise…

Giveaway ends Saturday morning at 10am!


72 Responses to “Crayola review and 24 hour giveaway!”

  1. Becky Says:

    What an awesome selection. I bet your kids were beyond thrilled! My son is totally an artist, so we are major Crayola lovers! Would love to win the dome-how cool! Think I'll have to be on the lookout for a deal on the Glow Station too!My favorite colors are Razzle Dazzle Rose and Pink Flamingo!

  2. Shasta Says:

    What a great opportunity to try new products. My favorite color is pomegranite (or at least I think that is what its called) and green.

  3. fiveofakind Says:

    Just 'Yellow' 🙂

  4. Amy K Says:

    My daughter recently got the 64 count crayons in her stocking. How I remember loving that box. There are so many I like! One of my favorites is sky blue.

  5. babyyahyah Says:

    those are neat. I love all blues like sky blue

  6. Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan Says:

    I love the wild watermelon and Pacific Blue.a_heart4home(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Kristy Crowl Says:

    I love all the pink colors. My kids would love

  8. Life at The Hadenfeldt's Says:

    I too love yellow! It is such a bright and cheery color and reminds me of the sun, which I don't see much of in Iowa 😉 My son has been asking for the Crayola Glow Dome since it's come out but, I thought he would tire of it quickly. Sounds like your kids didn't/ haven't so here's hoping we win! Thank you! Amanda

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Mine is Salmon Pinkbaby_radar(at)hotmail(dot)com

  10. Court Says:

    Periwinkle for sure. Love it!

  11. Susan Says:


  12. Sannasue Says:

    My favorite color is the macaroni and cheese. I love how they get so creative with their names.

  13. Lisa S. Says:

    Sky blue.lisa sharp 123 at hotmail

  14. Laurie C. Says:

    I love Crayola crayons. I really do find them to be superior in quality to the other brands, and get them even if I could get another brand for less. (Did I just admit that I spend more than I "have" to on a product??? Gasp! Don't tell my husband! (: )I don't know what my favorite would be, but I do like Burnt Sienna. I also love the way that they're always coming out with "new" colors.

  15. The Skinner Family Says:

    I just like your basic green. I have been looking for a Glow Dome and can't find one in stores!

  16. bethf202 Says:

    My kids would love this. Thanks for the giveaway. I would have to say my favorite color is sky blue.

  17. DMK Says:

    I don't know the names, but anything in the green family would be my favorite.Denise

  18. Sylvia Says:

    When I was little I thought that periwinkle was my favorite color (it really stood out in my box) but when I actually opened my box of crayolas to check…yes, I have my own box of crayolas that the kids don't get to chew, I mean use…sky blue was the most used.Huh. I thought for sure I was a total "pink" kinda gal.Well, off to go color something!Fun giveaway!!!

  19. G Says:

    What a fun giveaway. My kids, too, have been begging for the Glow Dome. My favorite crayon color has always been 'Robin's Egg Blue'. It's just so intoxicating.

  20. Kerrie Says:

    My favorite color is blue violet! Thanks for the great

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Anything green for sure! I do like the blues, too. So hard to decide!!

  22. Kassidy Says:

    I love Cerulean

  23. Skye Says:

    I LOVE the Hot Magenta, the magic ming, and wild watermellon!My favorite USED to be Flesh, but they changed the name to Peach! LOLI can also remember the Crayola Magic Sent ones!! Fresh Air!!

  24. Margie Says:

    I just like the basics the best – especially green. But I am a fan of lavender as well (and it goes well with green)

  25. Are we there yet? Says:

    Pink Sherbet and Mango Tango are my favorite!!

  26. Sabrina Lawrence Says:

    My favorite is Good old Red!

  27. Deb O Says:

    My favorite color has always been Yellow.

  28. Melissa Says:

    My favorite is yellow!

  29. ~Mo~ Says:

    My favorite color is Pink!

  30. Carolyn Says:

    My favorite is Brick Red! What cool products – will be looking for them for birthdays this year.

  31. Kristal Says:

    My favorite color is pink, but I love the name macaroni and cheese!

  32. Scott & Natalie sherwood Says:

    My favorite color is plain ole red. Boring I know but I love red and it is always the first crayon that get worn down in our crayon box. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Jenny Says:

    I always thought the macaroni and cheese name was so clever. But there are so many great colors!

  34. kelhorn Says:

    Classic yellow…love love love it. Cheery and so

  35. Sandra Mitchell Says:

    My daughters love to draw and we love crayola products. One of our favorite colors is bittersweet.. Thanks for the opportunity!! Happy Holidays!

  36. Naty Says:

    I like the wild watermelon color thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. Just Me Says:

    I'm a big fan of Periwinkle! THanks for the giveaway.

  38. Amanda Says:

    My favorite is

  39. andrea Says:

    I love all the purple colors. My two youngest (and maybe the two middle kids also) would adore this!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my kids would love this. My favorite color is Forest Green. My email is weeebleswife(at)aol(dot)comThanks for a great give away! Jolene

  41. Dawn Says:

    I like all the browns and tans! What a great giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  42. Amanda Davis Says:

    This is so great! My son is 18 months and he loves coloring.My favorite crayon is "Elmo Orange." I'm not even a fan of orange, but I love Elmo 😛

  43. Kristi Says:

    Well, I tried to think of an imaginative color, but I always go back to just plain old "red". My kids and I love these new Crayola gadgets!

  44. Sylvia Says:

    I like lime greensylviawhit@gmail

  45. Amy Says:

    Cerulean blueloobyamy(at)yahoo(dot)com

  46. Saving in Style Says:

    What a GREAT giveaway!! My son would SO love this!! My favorite color would be pink, but his is green. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

  47. Laura Says:

    I love the wild watermelon

  48. Katherine R Says:

    I have always love violet.katferr1 at yahoo dot com

  49. oliv2b Says:

    Oh my goodness…my son Andy would go nuts for this Crayola Dome! He loves arts and crafts. My favorite crayola color is "orchid".

  50. Angela Says:

    I like the mulberry

  51. Angela Says:

    I like the mulberry

  52. Chelsea Says:

    I like periwinkle.

  53. Hillori Says:


  54. Heather Sand Says:

    I love periwinkle!!

  55. alice Says:

    I always liked cornflower blue.

  56. Jenn Says:

    pink rose!

  57. Christie Says:


  58. Molomatic Says:

    Fun giveaway! My favorite color is Salmon Pink!

  59. Stephanie S. Says:

    I love your blog. You make me feel normal. I had 3 kids in 3.5 years and my husband wants 3 more. My favorite Crayola color is Cerulean.

  60. Rebecca R. Says:

    We have 7 children 11 1/2 and under here (with our 2nd set of twins on the way), so would love the Glow Dome! One of my favorites since childhood is magenta. elireeves at stny dot rr dot com

  61. Emily Heizer Says:

    I call it "Greek Blue" but I don't think that's what the real name is! It's like electric blue? I love it. ❤

  62. Jenn Says:

    it's a toss up between Razzmatazz and Unmellow Yellow! I hadn't even heard of this dome thing! My kids would LOVE it though! ashemgra (at) gmail dot com

  63. Tracy Says:

    One of my favorites is Orchid.

  64. Jaime Rodrguez Says:

    I love any of the pink colors!!!

  65. Anonymous Says:

    My kids both love to draw. My favorite color is purple mountain's majesty. theindy4 at sbcglobal dot net

  66. tmwash Says:

    Can't believe how many people like GREEN…..I thought I was the only one with that favorite color!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Aquamarine!Lauryn.Rabago @ gmail dot com

  68. lmkirb Says:

    I have 2 favorites…carnation pink and apricot.Thanks for the chance!!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. My favorite color would be rea-orange. My daughter's is

  70. Anonymous Says:

    My favorite is plain old

  71. Anonymous Says:

    The above should be

  72. Anonymous Says:

    my favorite color was always the blue green. i loved that it was two colors in

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