Have you ever made "stuff"?

This is one of our children’s favorite meal. Well, kinda a meal, but hey it counts right? What gets added always depends on what is left over in the fridge as far as protein goes…. maybe bacon, leftover steak, sautéed sausage, chorizo, or even scrambled eggs.
This is the base of the dish,
Potatoes. They are good for growing kids and my growing waist line.

Slice them real thin, I like to use a mandolin. I have even used left over baked potatoes from the night before. Nice, because they take less time to cook that way.
While you are slicing, melt an entire stick of butter in a very large pan, cast iron is the best. Then add an entire sliced onion. If you cook the onions down until they are clear the kids will eat them.

Then, add the potatoes and any protein you like. Or leave out the protein and just eat it like this for a side dish. I have added eggs at the end, cooked them in and eaten this in a tortilla. AWESOME!
Keep the heat rather high and add more oil or butter if you need to so that the potatoes brown really nice.
Oh my gosh! They get amazing and really crispy! The potatoes break down a little and get all crispy and wonderful! Season it a bit with seasoning salt and pepper. Keep it simple, sometimes I add a little garlic salt, but just a little.

Like I said you can eat it just like this as a side dish with some ketchup, or add some meat to it and make it a meal or even eat it in a tortilla as you are running out the door to baseball practice. Not that we do that almost every day…
Do you have a family “staple” dish?


10 Responses to “Have you ever made "stuff"?”

  1. Naty Says:

    that looks delicious…..I'm going to try it.. thanks

  2. The Prudent Patron Says:

    That is a long time favorite here. We call it hash. It is exactly what I had planned for the leftover, over cooked pork shops I made this week.

  3. Mach Momma Says:

    I'm now hungry

  4. Candace Says:

    This is a staple in all Texas grandma's homes that I know. If you add eggs and chorizo it is called migas, if you make it taters and onions it is skillet fries, if you add sausage, egg, and cheese it is breakfast burrito….I like it best with onions carmelized and garlic and green onion thrown in at the end with canned ham. I used to make it in my electric skillet until it finally wore out; that way you have a one skillet meal and I didn't have to turn on the gas stove….hmmm, wonder if I have any taters.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Looks good! My husband lives for recipes that call for a whole stick of butter.

  6. Tracy Says:

    That is my kind of stuff. The easiest recipe that I have is for chicken salsa. You just put boneless, skinless chicken breasts in your crock pot, add as much salsa as you like, and let it cook for several hours. It is so easy, but my husband and 3 boys love it. You can add cheese about 5 minutes before you eat, or even serve it over rice.

  7. RM Says:

    My hubby had this alot growing up; parents are potato farmers. He calls it Mulligan, we always have it…onions, spuds and bacon…I looked up the definition and wiki says that it was a food made by hobos in the early 1900's … interesting…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulligan_stew_(food) we love it and it fills us up!

  8. Mama Says:

    We tried it tonight. YUM!!!

  9. A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) Says:

    Did you drop a glob of saliva on your keyboard when you typed this?I did.

  10. ~Mo~ Says:

    We make this for a filling for potato tacos, we fill a corn tortilla with the potato mixture and fold in half put in the freezer for a bit and then fry it, and top with chopped cabbage and salsa. It's really good!

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