FREE movie screening of The Spy Next Door!

We went to an advance screening of a baseball movies once and it was a blast! They had all kinds of free t-shirts and fun promo stuff for the crowd. Click HERE to sign up for a FREE Movie Screening of “The Spy Next Door”! This offer is available in select cities only!
The screening for Houston is on a Sunday morning so we won’t make it but it looks like a cute movie! Thanks Deal Finding Chik!


3 Responses to “FREE movie screening of The Spy Next Door!”

  1. Sandra Mitchell Says:

    How are you able to get movie passes? Alot of the movies states that you need a VIP code or its sold out?

  2. The Mom Says:

    Hmmm, for Houston it didn't ask me for a VIP code? I am sure they are selling out fast. When I posted it yeaterday the cities that are in the picture on the post are the ones that were available.I will try and find out about the VIP code. Did you register? Sometimes they send you deals and special screanings that way for the movies that you are interested in. That is how we got the baseball movie tickets, we had put that we were interested in sports movies. I am checking on the VIP code..

  3. The Mom Says:

    OH MY GOSH! Houston and most cities are already sold out!You can try RSVP code KDSFST0KXZ for the Spy next door.I would register and check back, we get invites for movies all the time, but the theaters for us are always a good way's away as most are in the city. It is really fun to go the screenings though!

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