Walgreens new policy???

Please comment if you have had any experiences like this at Walgreens this week, hopefully we can figure out if it is a corporate policy for real or a regional policy. The reason I say this is that Target often does this, they say it is corporate but actually some area manager tells the store managers this and they can’t do that. 

This is an email from Becky,
I just got back from Walgreens and I tried to get the Stayfree and the Reach toothbrush and floss deal. They were the right prices so I was excited to get some free! I gave the manufacturer coupons first because there were a few BOGO coupons and then the Walgreens coupons. The cashier (and the manager) said they have to do the walgreens coupon first and then the manufacturer coupon. They both said it’s a new corporate policy. This means no more free stuff. 

The math for the stayfree looked like this:
2 stayfree @ $6.29 each
use walgreens coupon- takes $3 off each
use BOGO coupon (only takes off $3.29)
final cost $3.29 for both packs

It was the same story for the reach toothbrush and floss. I left that store and went to another one and got the same story. It’s a new company policy and they WON’T do the manufacturer coupons first. Has anyone else had this problem? I live in West Michigan.



19 Responses to “Walgreens new policy???”

  1. Megan Says:

    Oh no! I did these deals today at my Walgreens in NC, was even checked out by a store manager and had no problem at all!

  2. The Prudent Patron Says:

    I did the Reach deal and I did not have this problem.

  3. Catherine Says:

    I haven't tried the deals today, but I have had problems with certain cashiers in the past. Sometimes I'm tempted to ask for their weekly work schedules. LOL!

  4. Susan Says:

    I am new at this and haven't tried, this is my first week to buy 5 papers, but I was questioned by a family member if doesn't this seem a little dishonest to try to work the coupons like this and to try to get something for nothing. Left me a little discouraged.

  5. Kristin Says:

    @Susan – the jealous ones always say that! Then they ask for advice.I've had that problem, and then just move to another walgreens. I don't think it's a company policy. Next time, group your coupons. What's the worst thing that can happen? They spank your hand? 🙂

  6. Tanya Says:

    I went to four Walgreens today (NW Houston area) buying various stuff with coupons and no one said anything…the cashiers ran the coupons through in the order that I gave them (which was wags last). I have encountered some cashiers who insist on doing the wags first and I just let it go….

  7. The Mom Says:

    Susuan, you are playing by the rules of the stores and of the manufacturers. It is ggod to know the "life cycle" of a coupon so you can explain it to others. Companies put coupons out because they make a lot of money by people using them. The companies and the stores that take coupons are reimbursed 100% for the value of the coupon. It does not hurt a store for you to use a coupon. In fact, it gets you to shop at their store and move their merchandise.This is a great topic for a post tomorrow I think!

  8. Electra Says:

    I did the Stayfree and the Reach deals today in Northern Kentucky, and I don't even remember what order I passed the coupons over in, but they worked fine. It's funny, I almost always have as good or better luck at Walgreens as at CVS, I rarely have any trouble with my coupons there.Oh and Susan: Ask your relative if she/he thinks the companies are really so dumb that they don't notice that people can use their coupons to get free things? That's why you see so few coupons for staple products and so many for new things. The manufacturers and the stores basically end up splitting the cost of giving a free item to the consumer, who may end up liking it enough to buy it again, or to recommend it to a friend. It's not something for nothing, it's time and effort for you, and good advertising for them. =)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am a Walgreen's employee and there is no such policy…We do ask that you give the coupons in order that you would like..ex. all man. coupons first then the store ones. We have never turned anyone away that has done this..I would call the walgreens corp. office and tell them what happened and the store will be notified in one day and will have to resolve the issue with you!

  10. The Mom Says:

    Wow! Thank you Anon! Good info! I hate it when some Managers take it upon themselves to make policy. i don't understand it….

  11. Angela Says:

    I shop at the Walgreens in Des Moines Iowa and I have had this problem. The cashier said it was the Corp. policy and they had no choice. I changed Walgreens and have had no problems.

  12. Becky Says:

    Thanks for the help. I sent an email to the corporate office. I'll let you know what I hear. I sure hope that it's not the new corporate policy. All of your advice was appreciated! Becky

  13. *Mandy Says:

    I swear… walgreens can be SUCH a headache. My walgreens is a new wags and they are pretty good. Word of advice go to the beauty advisors. They are by far the nicest ones 🙂

  14. Hillori Says:

    I'm in Utah, and headed to Walgreen's tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Walgreens can be either really really good, or really really bad. Kind of like a teenager…. If someone says that it is corporate policy, ask to see the writing on the wall. Kindly ask them show you the written policy, and if they do not, ask for the phone number of the Walgreens corporate offices, and call them right there asking to verify if you're up to it…

  15. Candi Says:

    I'm in Georgia and had a friend call me yesterday because her Walgreens told her she would not receive a RR when using coupons for the product. I told her I had read about it happening to others but it hadn't happened to me yet. I advised her to go back in and have them do the transaction over. She was very discouraged, it was her first time trying to do the Walgreens deals.

  16. Electra Says:

    Just FYI, I went to a second local Walgreens today and did the Stayfree and Reach Deals again (got dental floss this time, and donated the pads to my local crisis pregnancy center for new moms. They can really use that stuff!) Once again I presented the manufacturer's coupons on top, and had no trouble getting the full value of the bogo on either of my coupons, except that the floss was just a little bit higher, 20 cents or something, over the max BOGO value, so I had to pay that much. Still a very excellent deal, and not a bit of trouble at checkout.

  17. Susan Says:

    Yes it is a policy – that only some cashiers follow (I was told). The manager also told me that the new register systems will be smart enough and not allow this type of behavior…left me feeling scared of future deals! 🙂

  18. Becky Says:

    Hi everyone, I heard back from Walgreens. I got a personal phone call and yes it's the new Walgreens policy. The cashiers are supposed to do all Walgreens coupons first and then the manufacturer coupons. The store manager told me that if they didn't follow this procedure, their job would be in jeopardy. I guess the Walgreens shopping is pretty much done for me. I don't have a CVS or Rite Aid close by so I has hooked on Walgreens.

  19. BolderShopper Says:

    no issues at my walgreens. did deals last night.. no issues no talk of new policy

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