Johnsons & Johnsons rebate info and printable coupons!

KC Penny Pinching Mama posted about the  Johnson & Johnson Mail in Rebate offer. The form should be in the inserts this coming Sunday, January 10th. I am not very good at mail in rebates, but this one looks easy so I am going to give it a try. As a reminder, the products included in the offer are:

Clean & Clear

Right now, at, you will find coupons for ALL of these products! Hurry and print them right away so you can stretch your money on your rebate!! They are also really great high value coupons to have for an upcoming sale. You will find most of them under the personal care tab on the left.

* $2.00/1 – $2.50/1 Aveeno Products (3 different coupons)
* $2.00/1 Ambi
* $2.00/1 & B1G1 Free Clean & Clear
* $3.00/1 Roc
* $2.00/1 Lubriderm
* $2.00/1 Purpose

Thanks to Tracie for all this info! I am going to try this year and do more rebates!


3 Responses to “Johnsons & Johnsons rebate info and printable coupons!”

  1. ncbell240 Says:

    HELP…I need those clean & clear coupons. I went to the several times and the only coupon on this list that it offers me is the ambi. What zip code are you using?

  2. The Mom Says:

    I just saw the Clean and Clear ones when i used 90210.For some reason that one always works!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    when calculating the rebate do you use the subtotal you paid with coupons being discounted or what it would of been without coupons?

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