Try again… 2010 Calender from Shutterfly.

I deleted the other Free calendar post to clean it up a bit. The deal wasn’t working with the code I had posted. You only got B1G1 50 % off. Not quite a good enough deal!

Thanks to Anon who found another deal,

FOUND THIS calendar courtesy FREEBIES for MOMS.. go to, then my account, towards the bottom click on special offers, then type freecalendar (all lowercase). It should load it to your acct. Has to be ordered by Jan 11th & shipping is $4.99. Had to do a little research but found it:) 

The coupon code ( freecalendar) is for a very large 16×10 poster calendar like the one above. You can choose between 1 to 8 photos and a few different designs.  



One Response to “Try again… 2010 Calender from Shutterfly.”

  1. sarahbeth04 Says:

    Bummer. Tried to do this code and it said that it had expired. Oh well.

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