Minding your manners when couponing!

Oh dear! This could be ugly!
We all have very strong opinions when we think we have been wronged or we see someone do something rude. But, maybe in the other persons defense they didn’t really consider that what they are doing is rude or not very coupon friendly. I know, they probably know better, but we can give them the benefit of the doubt, this time!
The following is just a small of things that might be considered not very polite.
We could add probably 100 more things to it, you are welcome to leave a comment with your pet peeve. But keep it nice, it is just something to think about!
Never clear the shelves – When I complain about this I am talking about buying 10 of an item that just went on sale and taking every one of them. If you happen to get the last 2 of something, totally different story. If I plan on using ALL my coupons at a sale I don’t buy all 20 at one time. I spread it out during the week and give them a chance to restock. I have also special ordered from a store when I knew a sale was coming up and I wanted a case of something.
Never take all the peelies – If you notice a bunch of peelies on packages, if you are not buying the items please don’t take all the peelies! My husband came home from the store one day with a handful of cereal coupons. He was so proud of himself until he told me where he got them…. to everyone shopping at Randalls in August in Grogans Mill, I apologize! Now he knows!
Never block aisles or race other shoppers – Really, did I just have to type that?! You would not believe it but it has happened. It is embarrassing and greedy, plain and simple. The huge sale at Kroger when they were doubling all $1 coupons ( that I missed!) got really ugly I have heard.
Never hide products before a sale – Can’t get to a sale when it starts? Don’t ruin it for those who can. I have been amazed when I have found sale products hidden all over my CVS. Deodorant that is free with ECB’s hidden behind boxes of cereal. I am sure it isn’t the employees playing a game. It seems really silly but I think it is a little rude to do this.
Never, ever yell at or insult store employees! – I have cried at a register I have been so mad at the cashier, but I never said an ugly word to them. Always be polite. They will not be on your site even if you are “right” if you get rude and ugly. It also, I believe, causes problems for other couponers in the long run. Cashiers just assume that you have an attitude also. No matter how bad you want to grab them by the collar and let them have it, it really does you no good.
Never take more “in store” coupon books than you personally need – Like a reader commented, it is so frustrating to have all the Walgreens pharmacy books gone the first day only to find 100’s of them on ebay. It ruins it for the rest of your “couponing community”. The stores only get so many of the extra coupon books, it is just plain greedy to take more than you personally need.
Never steal coupons – One friend of mine had someone steal her coupon binder right out the cart and leave her purse. Yuck! Also, taking neighbors coupons without their permission is stealing, even if they don’t use them. You have to ask them first. I would say dumpster diving is O.K. though 🙂 Many friends walk in the mornings and will grab them from the little recycle buckets we have in our neighborhood on trash day. I personally don’t have a problem with this. Do you? A reader left a comment that people were taking the coupons form the papers of the old folks homes or at the hospital. That is still stealing if you don’t ask.
I could go on and on. I have unfortunately seen some really ugly sides of people when they coupon. It is really a shame. We have to remember that we are a community. We need to stick together, watch each others back and help one another. If we try and cheat each other, what is the point. We also have to work together so that stores enjoy and like couponers, and want them in their stores. We have to be a good example and friendly.
Thats all I have to say about that!
P.S. I will write another post on multiple cards at CVS next week. We can’t have all the fun in one day now can we?!



17 Responses to “Minding your manners when couponing!”

  1. Robyn Says:

    i briefly looked through your archives; but do you still have the post you did on printing internet coupons? it was a while back and probably on your other site! i am having problems and can't remember what it is i need to do? something about 'w' or 'v' and 'i'….help?

  2. The Mom Says:

    Oh my goodness robyn, yes let me find it and I will repost it so it come up on this site…

  3. The Mom Says:

    Robyn,http://mylitterofsix.blogspot.com/2009/09/trouble-printing-coupons-help-is-here.htmlThere you go!

  4. Robyn Says:

    thank you so much…you're quick!

  5. andrea Says:

    I had to agree with everything you wrote! I think it is plain bad manners and lack of consideration for anyone but oneself that causes people to do these things—but then again, bad manners and lack of consideration are, unfortunately, all too common in our society. I would never buy a coupon off e-bay!! Can't wait to read your post about multiple CVS cards. What bothers me the most is the clearing of the store shelves!!

  6. .:Anna:. Says:

    I'm ashamed to admit… I have two CVS cards.BUt in my defense, I had one and it got lost. I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. So, I got another one.Lo and behold after we moved I found the other one. …please don't hate me…

  7. Katherine Says:

    Amen to that. Thanks for putting out the reminder.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Just comparing notes. It would be ok to take a large number of something, like 10 condensed milks, for example, when you could personally visualize several hundred other cans, right? I've done this before and felt it was ok. Does anyone disagree? The one thing I feel bad about is taking so many newspapers at one time. I feel like I don't have a choice since they are only available for about a day. I did just learn that a person can have up to 5 home delivery subscriptions and that right now they are running a special for $1.50 a week. I was waiting to see what results came of the Chronicle meeting today before I subscribed.

  9. Erica Says:

    I was behind a woman at Target the other day, and she had tons of coupons. Some of them didn't work, according to the cashier it was because she had already used a coupon on that item. After the cashier tried all of the coupons (most worked) the woman went through and took out every single thing that the coupons didn't work on and made the cashier take them off. It seemed that the woman had not kept track of what she was buying and matching up her coupons. It was so frustrating, and we went to another line. That kind of behavior makes cashiers dislike couponers.

  10. The Mom Says:

    The chronicle stood me up… again…. no phone call, no nothing. No one will answer either. I have called all day the man that I was meeting with and get his voice mail everytime. Anyone have a name and number of someone who has any pull there???

  11. The Mom Says:

    Anon. I do agree on the canned milk thing. When they had the sale this fall there was about 200 on the shelf. They restock every night. I did do my 6 at a time and didn't feel bad!We just have to use common sense. If we don't feel good about it don't do it!

  12. Jen Says:

    My biggest pet peeve is people stealing the inserts out of the papers that are in the newspaper "vending" machines in front of stores. I have actually seen a person put their money into the machine, open it, and take all of the papers out. Thief.

  13. Melessa Says:

    Thank you for writing this! I agree wholeheartedly!

  14. Kristin Says:

    I hate that there are 4-5 women in my neighborhood that make a regular practice of stealing all of the Spanish language papers that have coupons within like 3 hours.Thieves.

  15. Gina S. Says:

    I have my papers delivered to me every Sunday. (I get one all week except Sunday, I get 10) I pay $1 per paper so $10 a week for Sunday coupons. It's easier for me to have the coupons at 6 a.m on Sunday and then I can go shopping right after I cut them out. I shop for my whole family,( parents, and 5 siblings with families of their own). So I shop a lot. I thankfully live an area where there are 16 Wags in 12 miles. 12 CVS in 15 miles. 4 Walmarts in 20 miles. and I'm frequently in other parts of the state because of mystery shopping so its easy for me to go to all of those to pick up the specials and not clean all the stores out. I spread it out throughout the week. My fam. gives me their cards and money every week. Even though I do all that shopping for everyone… I never clean out the shelves. I have good and bad cashiers. I NEVER shop at Target b/c they are rude and dislike coupons (they dont even take their own Q's). It's a fun time. I really enjoy it when I can get something worth it and not get treated like I'm stealing. Is any of this wrong?

  16. .:Anna:. Says:

    To Gina-I don't think it's wrong to shop for other people. To me there is no difference from them going and getting themselves or asking you to since you are already there. Same difference, right?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I agree. My mother is older and oftentimes is not able to do her own shopping. When I am getting ready to head out the door to do my own shopping, I always check to see if my parents need anything. I don't see anything wrong with that. I do, however, understand that there are people who take out CVS cards in other peoples names just to get the freebies. That is definitely wrong.

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