CVS trip, Great makeup clearance but husband ruined trip! : )

Thanks to a tip from my friend Susan W. I went tonight looking for 75% off make-up and I found it!!
I happened to buy some Physicians Formula makeup last time it was on clearance and I have fallen in LOVE with it. That is my favorite brand now! Sometimes the tags are hard to see because they are green and the packaging is green.
I got up to the register with my make-up all 75% off, plus $1 off coupons for the L’Oreal so I figured I was spending about $2.50 out of pocket for all the make-up below, I had $21 in coupons and ECB’s from a while ago.
BUT…. I had my husband with me and as I was checking out he threw in pain medication, oral gel and diapers, none of which I had coupons for!
So my total for all was $22.85
I did save $95.69 though!
This is the way I look at it. I was frustrated with him for tossing in the extra stuff esp. since I didn’t have coupons but if you needed it it doesn’t make sense to wait for coupons.
At home I have an entire tub of pain medication, my husband just had major dental work done and says that none of what I had was doing anything for him, so he needed something else. I can’t argue with that!
As for the diapers, there have not been any great deals lately on diapers. Does anyone know of any that are coming up?!
P.S. I am teasing about him ruining the trip! šŸ™‚



10 Responses to “CVS trip, Great makeup clearance but husband ruined trip! : )”

  1. Shasta Says:

    Well I found one find at the CVS clearance sale tonight. Eye shadow for 27 cents post coupon. I learned once again the value of clipping every coupon because I am sure I didn't cut out some of the coupons that I would have been able to use on the makeup clearance. However since I don't wear make up often it isn't a great loss. Thanks for the great tips you give!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Target has pampers boxes on sale for 18.99, you can find $2.00 manufacter coupons plus $2 target coupons as well. I was able to a box of 96 pampers for 14.99 which is the best price i've been able to find lately.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I know how you feel. My husband threw in a magazine one night & completely ruined my savings. That was definitely not a need, but oh well.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Sometimes we just need things when there aren't coupons. That is just life. Great deals on the makeup though. I have never tried Physicians Formula. I think it would be a neat idea to do a post on makeup. This is an area where I have wasted alot of money. I will buy something, get it home and try it on, and then regret my purchase. I also have been guilty of spending big bucks on makeup just because of the label when maybe a cheaper product would work just as well. Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. Jessica Says:

    You can use the coupons on clearance items? our Walgreens won't let you. I've never tried to do so at CVS

  6. MyLitter Says:

    90% of the time you can at CVS. Actually come to think of it I do it at Walgreens all the time! I wonder why they don't let you??At CVS unless you find the clearance items in a clearance section with a line drawn through the bar code than you can always use coupons!I always use coupons also at the grocery stores on mark down dairy. great deals there!

  7. southernfryed Says:

    I accuse my husband of ruining my shopping trips all the time. It never fails when he is with me, he always finds something he can't live without:) I can't NOT take him with me though, he enjoys it way too much. He calls our shopping trips, our "treasure hunt."

  8. The Coupon Cowgirl Says:

    I have tried in the past to always use coupons with the Huggies and find the best deal, but I am so hooked on Kirkland brand from Costco. They run about 23 cents/diaper and they dont leak…which seems to be an issue with my boys!

  9. Kristi Says:

    I don't know if I missed something or not. Can you use Loreal coupons for Physician's Formula brands?

  10. MyLitter Says:

    Kristi,No I just used the Loreal coupons on the Loreal products. I didn't have any q's for the PF brand at all. I had $1 off on Loreal. I used ECB's to pay for the PF.

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