Name Bubbles coupon code!

My very first giveaway was for a company called Name Bubbles. Michelle the owner, was so wonderful to work with and a really neat woman! Name Bubbles is coming up on their 1st anniversary and have offered a great special, 20% off your entire order with the coupon code 1st year.

You can read my review HERE of their products! I am happy to say that the sippy cups that I put the labels on almost a year ago have been washed probably 100 times and the label looks brand new. The same with the girls clothing labels. I highly recommend these products and the customer service is fabulous! If you have a child in school, going to summer camp, in a nursery anywhere or going to college you need some of these!

Since I have a lot of kids I did a set for the boys, and a set for the girls, that way they all could use them. I ordered a set for a baby shower gift and it was a HUGE hit!
Congratulations to Michelle on a great year and a wonderful product!



One Response to “Name Bubbles coupon code!”

  1. Heather Says:

    I won these from you! I LOVE them! Super cute and I agree,very durable!

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