Coupons book at Randalls!

I want to say thanks to Kari P. for the email letting us know of 2 great coupon books at Randalls this week.
  “One was located in the vestebule when you walk in at the bottom of a sign in a booklet holder.  It was very easy to miss.  That is the rockstar book.  Then there was another one on a big display at the front of the store.  The rockstar book was put put by Randalls and was full of 24 different in-store Randalls coupons.  Paired up with my manufacturer coupons today I got 4 jars of ragu for .25 each, 3 boxes of chex cereal for $2 total, and 2 boxes of nabisco brand crackers for free!  There are many more deals to be had.  I hope you can get your hands on a booklet!”

I might make a special trip over just to grab one of these!



3 Responses to “Coupons book at Randalls!”

  1. kari p Says:

    Eek! I obviously didn't spellcheck before I sent that email! I had realized it after I sent it.

  2. MyLitter Says:

    Kari, I didn't notice anything… I wonder why mine didn't catch it…

  3. kari p Says:

    PS I have to give credit to my coupon collecting, deal seeking, grocery shopping buddy, Kristine, for actually being the one who spotted the books that were nearly hidden!

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