Giveaway! Coupon Binder, LOADED with items!


As my gift to you for Valentines Day, I want to give away this week a coupon binder!
Now, this is MINE below…
Yours will be a zipper binder, with pages, dividers, coupons and an All You magazine!

You can load your with your coupons and see how you like it!
I love the binder method, I think it is the easiest way to store coupons and use them at the store.
So, leave a comment telling us…
 what your plans are for Valentines Day?!

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251 Responses to “Giveaway! Coupon Binder, LOADED with items!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    My plan is to spend time with a few friends for Vday 🙂

  2. Sonya Says:

    My plan is to spend it with my kids and hopefully my husband. He is currently out to sea (Navy) but is supposed to be back in before Valentine's day 🙂

  3. SI Saver Says:

    I'm gonna spend it with my hubby and baby lounging around the house!

  4. Sonya Says:

    I also follow you on facebook! 🙂

  5. Shannon Says:

    I'll work v-day evening, but I'll have a family fun day with my husband and 2-year-old daughter first! Then Mommy and Daddy will celebrate a much needed date night on Tuesday without the crowds!

  6. Shawntell Says:

    My birthday is Feb 13 so my hubby and I go out to eat on that day then we stay home and have a really nice meal that I cook for Valentines day and avoid the crowds at the restaurants. Now that we have kids we enjoy the really nice meal with them and they really enjoy the whole candle light dinner fun, too.

  7. Shawntell Says:

    I follow by email.

  8. jessica Says:

    wow that is organized!!! i think we will just be relaxing this valentines! 🙂

  9. anavybaby Says:

    I'm going to clip coupons! Just Kidding :0) Hopefully my husband and I can find someone to watch our four daughters so we can go out to dinner.

  10. jessica Says:

    following you through twitter now!

  11. Whitney Says:

    We're planning a nice quiet date (either at home or someplace simple) since I'm recovering from surgery. Should be fun!

  12. Whitney Says:

    Also, I'm a new follower. Love your blog so far!

  13. SH Says:

    my plans are to have a lazy day at home and love on my little

  14. SH Says:

    i'm a fb fan

  15. SH Says:

    i follow

  16. Tiffany Says:

    I would cry if I won this. I NEED it sooo much! Anyhow, I am planning to lounge with the fam on VDAY. Maybe we will make some nice cupcakes and let the kids decorate or something cute like that. Good luck to

  17. Trucker Mom Says:

    We won't be getting our taxes back until the 16th so we will be celebrating our Valentines day then since we are both unemployed currently, probably a movie and dinner! Anytime spent with my honey is special.

  18. Trucker Mom Says:

    I facebooked about the giveaway

  19. Alexis Says:

    For V-day I am going to make my family a nice dinner. Hubby and I can't go out that night, so we are going to make it a nice family event.

  20. Trucker Mom Says:

    I already follow you on twitter

  21. Trucker Mom Says:

    I am a fan of yours on facebook!

  22. Hillori Says:

    I am planning on spending my Valentines day crossing my fingers that I win the binder!! 🙂

  23. Lafingkids Says:

    My favorite date for Valentine's is to go to dinner at a nice restaurant and then go to a movie. We usually do not go out on Valentine's Day though. Sometime before or after to beat the crowds!

  24. Alexis Says:

    Following through Yahoo reader!

  25. Alexis Says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  26. Hattie Says:

    Okay we're hanging out w/ the kiddos! The 19th is our 10 year anniversary so we're going for dinner and to see the movie Valentines Day! So basically it Valentines day just 5 days later!!!

  27. ~Mo~ Says:

    umm, I don't have any plans for Valentines Day! 😦 but probably spend the day with my tifani!

  28. Katy and Wes Says:

    For Valentines day I just plan on making some yummy treats and spending the day with my husband and two kids. We went out last weekend to beat the valentines day rush.

  29. Katy and Wes Says:

    I'm a follower too!

  30. Katy and Wes Says:


  31. Erika Says:

    Even though it's our first married Valentine's Day, we want to keep it pretty low-key. We'll probably spend the day at the dog park with our furbabies and then go out some place nice to eat after (we're celebrating on Saturday since V-Day is a Sunday… at least we won't have to fight for a table!)

  32. Emily Says:

    No plans… lame, I know! Maybe the hubby will surprise me.First time on your blog. Such a nice looking family. I grew up in a very large family and loved it. So far I have 3 of my own…

  33. Rebeca @All Vegged Out Says:

    Both my best friend and I have boyfriends/husbands who are jobless currently (sad) so she's making a fabulous dinner and I'll make a decadent dessert and we'll just have a low-key evening together 🙂

  34. ~Mo~ Says:

    I tweeted about this:

  35. Nicole Says:

    Be grumpy that I have to sit through class all weekend while my hubby and daughter are at home! Only a few more months though and then I graduate in May with my Masters Degree in Education:) Yippy!

  36. Jessica Morris Says:

    My husband – who is in the Army – has to work that day from 7am-11pm, so I think I am going to make it a day to romance our two little boys – heart shaped pancakes, strawberry smoothies, homemade valentines… I have to finish planning the day, but I'll make it something special for them and have something special for the man when he gets home from work that night!

  37. Anonymous Says:

    my plan is to be with my hubby and daughter!emmy1981@aol.comthanks!

  38. The Short Mom Says:

    No plans except staying in and making the family a special dinner.

  39. Lisa Says:

    We are going out to eat and just enjoying time spent together. Just keeping it simple!

  40. tricialynn78 Says:

    Plans will include breakfast in bed with my honey then movies then out to our favorite place to get our grub on! YUMMMOOO

  41. tricialynn78 Says:

    I follow you on facebook 🙂

  42. devinkirsten Says:

    Most likely Valentine's will be spent with the hubs for a bit and then back to taxes. Tax season waits for no one!

  43. devinkirsten Says:

    Blogged about it!

  44. Jenny Says:

    dinner out with hubby early in the weekend to celebrate vday.

  45. Jenny Says:

    i follow you via RSS

  46. Rachel Says:

    My plans for Valentine's Day includes going to church that morning, going eat somewhere with my husband, then that night a new study starts at our church on the End Times(Return of the King)! I think I'm more excited about that study then the holiday!:)

  47. kari p Says:

    I usually have to work on Sundays, so I am figuring that is what I will be doing :(kari

  48. kari p Says:

    I posted a link on facebookabout the giveaway! kari

  49. Julie Says:

    Our Youth Group at church is providing babysitting on Saturday night (as a fundraiser) and our small group is having a cheese & chocolate fondue while the kids play at church!

  50. Rhonda Says:

    My plan is to fix a special heart shaped pancake breakfast for the loves of my life.

  51. englandmom14 Says:

    I make a special valentine's day dinner. i make a heart shaped meatloaf with ketchup on top, pink mashed potatoes and homemade heart shaped biscuits. we have a special valentine note box that is left out for weeks before the holiday with heart shaped slips of paper. everyone can write little notes to each other saying why they like them or what they think is special about them. we read them at dinner. we also exchange homemade cards. it is my favorite holiday so i try to share it with the entire family.

  52. Kacey Says:

    We are having a special black and white dinner at my mom's with my sister too (whose husband is deployed.)

  53. Christie Says:

    I plan on cooking my hubby a steak dinner. Hopefully grandma can watch the little

  54. Sandra mitchell Says:

    Going to spend it with my hubby and two girls, going to lunch then a movie!

  55. Emily Says:

    My husband will be spending Valentine's with his dad, who is terminally ill. I will stay home with our little ones. Not romantic, but the way love plays out in real life…

  56. Chibi Epona Says:

    For V-day, I get to work a PM shift and hubby works a NOC. =P

  57. Brandette L Says:

    Our newborn is going to grandma's for the night, DH and I are going out for sushi and then back home for some much needed alone time.

  58. Tracy Says:

    We don't usually go out on Valentine's Day, but sometimes we try to go out on a night near that date. I always get candy for my husband and children. For dinner, I try to make their favorite meal and a yummy, chocolate cake for dessert.

  59. Tracy Says:

    I am a follower.

  60. Electra Says:

    My new baby will be four weeks old on Valentine's Day, so there is not a lot of romance in the cards for us this year. If we are lucky, we will be able to watch a DVD at home, then maybe, baby permitting, even go to bed at the same time and cuddle a little. =)

  61. Kim N Says:

    I always give the kids a big Valentine's Day breakfast with pink heart pancakes and fun cups, plates, napkins and decorations. I like to leave Valentine's on the doorstep for them before they go to bed and ring the doorbell and then hide. Then when the kids go to bed my husband and I like to have a quiet dinner together and cuddle on the couch for a movie. I love it!

  62. Anonymous Says:

    nothing, my husbands overseas. When he gets back we will celebrate by going out to dinner, just the two of us and

  63. Candice Says:

    My hubby always plans Valentine's Day! He tries to out-do himself each year. Who knows whats in store this year????

  64. kristen v. Says:

    my plans on for valentine's day will be to spend it with my 2 favorite people, my husband and 3 mo. old daughter! since it falls on a sunday this year, we are going to pull out the hide-a-bed in the living room, veg out and watch movies. we don't need fancy restaurants, jewelry, or chocolate this year…our daughter is the best valentine's gift we could give each other. happy valentine's ❤

  65. Hall Family Says:

    My hubby is flying the kids and I out to Utah to escape all the snow as a spur of the moment Valentines gift! –if we can get out (we're east coasters)….YAY!! So for Valentines the kids and I will be traveling back home… 😦

  66. My Favorite Deals Blog Says:

    My valentine's day plans include spending time with my boyfriend and relaxing 🙂 That's my favorite part.Thanks for the entry. What a nice giveaway!theresacolleen@gmail.com

  67. Amanda Says:

    We will be at worship services on Sunday morning and evening. So we will celebrate on Saturday. My husband and I will have a nice lunch out and then come home to celebrate with the kiddos.

  68. Jeannine Says:

    We will be spending the day doing crafts. tracing our hands and making daddy's valentine's telling him he is "hand-some" and making valentines for grandparents with the free cards from "seehere". A special dinner is in order and daddy will be so happy to eat our heart shaped cookies. Happy valentine's day to all, spread the

  69. Kristi Says:

    My husband works until 6 on Sundays, so I will prepare a special dinner of all his favorite foods for him to enjoy when he gets home. Then we'll probably watch a movie together. Our only real plan is to spend as much time together as possible! 🙂

  70. Robyn Says:

    daughters b-day is just days before so we'll be celebrating that way! we are having a dinner with close friend on v-day!

  71. cricketg Says:

    We'll be headed to church and then have a great meal together…maybe a movie and hopefully a fun day outside…hoping for sunshine and above 40 degrees 😉

  72. Tricia Says:

    My husband works this weekend, so I planned on having a girls night with my kiddos. Renting movies, popcorn, and candy! It will be great.

  73. Becky Says:

    I have great plans for Valentines Day, but I'm afraid with the snow we might not get to it. (We have 3 feet on the ground now and are expecting 10-20 more inches today/tomorrow.) The plan is to drop our kiddos off for a slumber party at Grandmas, then we are going to dinner at a nearby hotel. (We are paying for the majority of it with a $25 GC that I got for free with Coke points.) Then we are going to the movies to see Dear John. (Paid for with 2 free movie tickets from last weeks Axe deal!) We are never able to go out without the kids, and we can't normally afford to anyway, so we are both so excited!

  74. Oakley Says:

    I am so excited about this Valentine's Day. I have a little girl who is almost 2 and while I have spent the night away from her, it has always been for events that I have to get up early for the next day. Well, we are going to San Antonio this weekend where my mom lives. She has offered to take my daughter while my hubby and I get a hotel (name your own price on priceline!), eat at Outback (gift certificate and free appetizer coupon!), and see a movie (free movie tickets!)…followed by a well deserved sleeping in! Oh, and maybe some other stuff! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  75. Oakley Says:

    I subscribe to you via RSS

  76. Oakley Says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  77. Jennifer Sakolosky Says:

    My plan is to spend the day with my husband and kids. Our tradition is I make macaroni & cheese for Valentine's dinner. I had to work late the first year we married, so I got home late and made macaroni straight out of the box. My husband has never let me forget it.

  78. Anonymous Says:

    I am going to be at a hockey tournament on Valentine's Day..with the hubby of course! Would love to win that binder…!Have a great day!

  79. kelhorn Says:

    Nice quiet dinner at

  80. Anonymous Says:

    My plans for V-day are to attend a UW Womens Basketball game with my family. denise N.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    I am a follower. denise N.

  82. The Energizer Mommy Says:

    My husband and I just got news that WE GOT OUR NEW HOUSE! So we will be spending Valentine's Day painting and cleaning to prepare our brood of 6 for the big move!YEAH!

  83. Nikol Taylor Says:

    For Valentines Day I will be enjoying family! My Dad and Brother are driving 12 hours to be with me and my husband, I am due with my first baby this friday so I may be leaving the hospital on Valentines Day 🙂

  84. E Says:

    My plan, although I may end up doing it alone (hubby doesn't want to, but I think it would be fun, and the kids can't really come anyway, so why not?) is going to the KIA dealership and test-driving the '11 Sorrento(?) to get the $25 visa gift card that Hip2Save posted about. Why spend when you can get paid, right? ha! Then maybe get back in our van and eat heart-shaped sandwiches I'd made at home. This just keep getting better, I know your husbands are all envious 😉

  85. Jennifer Narrow Says:

    My Valentine's plans stink this year. I am in my final months of graduate school and I have a class this weekend, all weekend. My fiance is going to have to work also, so at least he won't be sitting at home without me.

  86. Frugal Finds Says:

    Our family tradition for Valentines Day is a family taco night here at home. We will get a small gift for the kids but we really just want to show them that sharing family time and loving each other is what's important.

  87. Jennifer Narrow Says:

    I follow you on here and am posting about it on facebook.

  88. Jill O Says:

    We decided early in our marrige, that we didn't need a special day to treat each other special, we should do that every day of the year. I know cheesy, but I like it, my Valentine's day lasts all year long.

  89. Jessica Says:

    My husband will be Volunteering at Church most of the day on Valentine's day but we will have a nice meal at home together. Not spend any money and just relax.

  90. aa Says:

    I'm gonna spend it with my hubby and baby

  91. Jill O Says:

    I also posted on my facebook

  92. Megan Says:

    I'm going to make homemade sugar cookies and decorate them with my sweeties! (kids and husband)

  93. gaffy911 Says:

    My girls and I are going to make daddy breakfast in bed then spend the day playing games and staying in our PJ's. Daddy is going to make us one of his famous steak dinners!!

  94. Life with the Crowls Says:

    I am going to stay home and do something special with my kids.

  95. Life with the Crowls Says:

    I am a follower

  96. Chelsea Says:

    Me and the hubby are going to (hopefully) the Biltmore house this Valentine's Day for the first time to check it out. We're snowed in currently, so I'm praying we're able to make it.

  97. ohhollyf Says:

    Thus far we made Daddy Valentine's & wrote out sch valentines. We are up North, already have 2 ft. on the ground, and might be getting another 2 ft. o my planning has beem limted, to say the least 😉

  98. Paige Says:

    We have a fun family dinner planned.

  99. runninmommyx4 Says:

    We are going to stay home and have some family time, just us and our 4 little ones. Then we are going to go see a movie. Yay!I would LOVE to win the coupon binder. Thanks for another awesome giveaway. :-)Hope you and your family have a great Valentine's Day!

  100. Becky Says:

    I am also a FB fan!

  101. Becky Says:

    And I get your emails!

  102. LJ Harper Says:

    Oh ! You will love this…we are actually going to an intro seminar for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class at a nearby church ! LJ

  103. Lori Says:

    I hope to go out on a date with my hubby. We have been moving and are expecting a baby very soon so there is much to do at home, hopefully we can at least go out to eat. I really would like this coupon binder! I am totally unorganized when it comes to coupons!Lori D, in OK

  104. kzguedry Says:

    My parents are having a dinner for all of the couples in our family on saturday night. Should be nice and relaxing especially since I won't have to cook ;p

  105. Lauren M Says:

    My husband and I will both be working this Saturday, but it is ok because I am bartending at a dance so i will probably make enough money to make it worth my while! There is always next weekend for a date night, and places will probably be less crowded lol.

  106. Ramsey Says:

    My plans for Vday are to pick up my sister from the airport! I can't wait!! We're going to make an awesome dinner and then watch couples retreat on demand since Ben will be out of town. I REALLY hope I win this time because you'd laugh at how pathetic my coupon envelope is. hahaha!

  107. Ramsey Says:

    Blogging about it now.

  108. Ramsey Says:

    Tweeting to my twits

  109. Ramsey Says:

    I follow your blog. Does that give me another entry?

  110. Ramsey Says:

    Facebook entry being sent out now. Phew. I really better win now 🙂

  111. andrea Says:

    We don't really have plans!

  112. Amy A K Says:

    My husband and I went out this past weekend because my mom was visiting. FREE babysitter!!!

  113. Amy A K Says:

    I follow by email.

  114. sarahbeth04 Says:

    Planning on breakfast in bed, church in the morning, maybe an afternoon nap :), quick Bible study at church late afternoon, and then a yummy dinner at home. Will probably try to go up to Cheesecake Factory to pick up dessert on Saturday to avoid some of the craziness at all of the restaurants!

  115. Chantel Says:

    Plan on hanging out with my little girl and my sexy husband :)

  116. Rachel Says:

    Valentines!! Hanging with the kiddos and lovin' up on them (I don't do it often enough)!

  117. Mommas159 Says:

    We're going to be babysitting our friends kids so they can go out and celebrate. I'll probably make a large breakfast for everyone to enjoy.lv4luv3 *at* cox *dot* net

  118. Josanna Says:

    My third child was born on Valentine's Day, so this year our Valentine's plans include 8 yelling 8 year olds and hot dogs. How romantic!!

  119. Are we there yet? Says:

    We are heading to the Oregon Coast this weekend with the whole family! Can't wait!

  120. Laura Says:

    Every year a bunch of our friends get together and make a special dinner. Everyone cooks something. then we usually play some bored games. Good, cheap, fun!

  121. Madison Says:

    Hubby and I are going to see the movie Valentines day and cooking dinner at home!

  122. Anonymous Says:

    i'm planning tri tip and sliced potato and cheese bake for dinner and stay home for the

  123. Fun times with the Larsen's Says:

    We will be staying home and having a candle light dinner. We are doing this as a part of getting out of debt quicker. 🙂

  124. Anna Says:

    I don't know, Jeff is in charge. I made him a squirrel valentine card though, I think it turned out cute.

  125. ndixon Says:

    Celebrating birthday and V'Day with dinner out with my

  126. Tyler's Mommy - MK Says:

    My hubby is out of town, so I will be sending him a card with promise to celebrate whenever he gets back to town… So my actual day will be with my kiddos… church, lunch, and awanas.

  127. the thornton family Says:


  128. Lake Says:

    We will be celebrated Saturday instead of Sunday. Hopefully my husband will take me out to a nice dinner.

  129. Anonymous Says:

    Since we are supposed to get snow this weekend, we will probably relax, cook in and have a bottle of wine.

  130. Anonymous Says:

    Since we are supposed to get snow this weekend, we will probably relax, cook in and have a bottle of wine. Nikki Corbin

  131. cupidskis1 Says:

    For Valentine's Day (Saturday night actually), I got a free voucher for the Hilton Galleria. Last year for Valentine's, we lost electricity for 4 hours, so we got a free night to use within the next year. And so this morning I bought 4 bags of Huggies at Walgreens for $3.99 for my stockpile…. in case I conceive this Valentine's Day. 🙂

  132. Anonymous Says:

    My husband and I are going to let our daughters dress up and we will make a kid friendly dinner and dessert at home …. complete with candelight and flowers. Fun and inexpensive!I really want to win the binder – pick me please!

  133. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing planned, just a nice day at home with the family.Love your site!

  134. Margie Says:

    Not at all romantic, but we are spending valentine's day butchering meat. Hey, on a farm, you never get a day off for a holiday, not even for Christmas!

  135. Risingsouth Says:

    My husband has to work but when the girls and I get up there will be flowers and gifts. My girls and I will spend the day watching movies and snacking out.Risingsouth at aol dot com

  136. Risingsouth Says:

    I am a follower.Risingsouth at aol dot com

  137. JusFrugal Says:

    where did you find our Case-It binder? and what is the model #? I have been looking for one of these FOREVER since I saw Frugal Dr. Mom with one! Thanks!I follow you and I'm a subscriber.

  138. JusFrugal Says:

    Every Valentine's day we go to the same restaurant. Its on the more expensive side, and its the only time we go. This year we can't afford to go because I hit a deer with my car 😦 and we don't have the extra money. Hubby knows I feel badly about it so he said he is going to cook me a special dinner instead….

  139. Jane Says:

    Hi Tiff……..We are going out for a romantic dinner…..can't hardly wait! My husband is the best.

  140. Jane Says:

    I get your blog by emailThanks Jane

  141. Jane Says:

    Hi again I am now a fan on facebook I really hope I win

  142. Sarah@rockridgetreasuredpups Says:

    Spending some time with my family here at home. Maybe watch a movie and get pizza. I am also having a $20 and $10 Subway Gift Card Giveaway on my blog. Come on over and enter to win.

  143. Amanda Says:

    We are making pink pancakes for breakfast and a spaghetti dinner with sparkling grape juice for the kids for dinner. We will probably spend the day at the

  144. Amanda Says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber and twitter follower (frugalmomto4)

  145. Jennifer Says:

    We will have a yummy family breakfast before we spend the afternoon selling GS cookies!!

  146. Jennifer Says:

    I'm a follower too!

  147. Tonia Says:

    I should have one of these binders already considering my connections, however……Valentine's Day – It's tradition for my kids to wake up to a little box of chocolates with their names on it and we usually make a special dinner with name cards and gold silverware.

  148. crazychristianchick Says:

    I'm not doing anything for Valentine's day. But the 13th is me & hubby's 10th Anniversary of our first date. In honor of our first date we're first going to the restaurant where we first met, then just like on our first date we're going to the movies & to dessert.dramaqueenjrb at yahoo

  149. Linz Says:

    Since Dan and I were married in February we will be having one big celebration at the end of the month. So Valentines Day will more than likely consist of warm comfy jammies, a bowl of ice cream, and the TV remote (which I will share, but only because its Valentine's Day).

  150. Sylvia Says:

    Most likely dinner and a

  151. snbjork Says:

    Enjoying a nice, quiet meal (after kids go to bed, of course) at home with my husband.

  152. Lora Says:

    We have kids, so we're heading to the zoo and the aquarium on V-Day! Can't wait!

  153. ~Mo~ Says:

    I forgot to post yesterday, that I follow you on facebook!

  154. Lisa Says:

    My plans are to spend the day with family!

  155. Laura Says:

    I'm planning a quiet day at home, and enjoying a good excuse to bake something sweet.

  156. Megan Says:

    probably dinner alone with fiance.

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Plans for Valentine's Day! A special candlelight dinner, with the GOOD china, for the whole family! And chocolate!!!downhomelivin at live dot com

  158. Kerrie Says:

    Our valentine's Day will be spent at a swim meet for our oldest son!

  159. Natalie Says:

    Since Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, the six of us will go out to eat after spending the morning at worship service…this way I won't have to cook Sunday dinner!

  160. Natalie Says:

    I'm also a follower!!! I love laughing with you and your kiddos…my house is fairly topsy turvy, too!

  161. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately I have to work (7a-7p), but I plan on leaving some little surprises for the kiddos to find when they wake up.Tara, e-mail is

  162. Telly Says:

    Hopefully traveling to DC! 🙂

  163. Laura Says:

    My husband will be out of town so I will be spending Valentine's Day with my two little girls. Maybe we'll go shopping!

  164. emily Says:

    yeah! well i think we are going out on a date this year and it might not be taco bell either!!yeah!

  165. The Benson Family Says:

    I plan to have a special dessert with all my boys! (husband and two sons)

  166. Amanda Davis Says:

    My plan is going to The Melting Pot with my husband and letting him know we're expecting #2 😀

  167. mindy Says:

    just a nice day with mom thanks for the giveaway

  168. Tina Says:

    I am cooking a special dinner for my family with of course a heart shaped cake!

  169. Krista Says:

    I am headed out of town for a vaca with my family!!!kwhiz84@live.comThanks,Krista

  170. heavenlysavings Says:

    I blogged!

  171. heavenlysavings Says:


  172. heavenlysavings Says:


  173. jemscout425 Says:

    we're going out to eat at our favorite restaurantpksanddancer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  174. Ami Says:

    We are just planning a quiet dinner at home.

  175. Megan Says:

    My boyfriend and I are having dinner at my place, and he's cooking 🙂

  176. mom Says:

    have dinner with family

  177. mom Says:

    ok i have a fan of your now on face book sandy

  178. Katie Says:

    My husband will be home, so I'm excited to hang out with him. Maybe we'll go out to dinner or something. Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway! I hope I win – I would love to pass it on to my father-in-law.

  179. Katie Says:

    I follow you via email!

  180. Coupon Teacher Says:

    I will be going to church on the actual day, but hubby says we can go to see Dear John on at date one night soon!

  181. sturpin Says:

    Going to church 🙂

  182. sasha H Says:

    I plan on taking my kiddos to the park and getting in some good ol fashion family fun time.

  183. Deane Says:

    We plan on staying at home with my kiddosdeanenpr at yahoo dot com

  184. lollimom Says:

    I will be making my husband a huge heart-shaped brownie for Valentine's Day just like I did when we first started dating over 24 years ago!

  185. Anonymous Says:

    I have no plans! Maybe make some cupcakes with my wonderful little girls! Make my hubby something yummy! (made your cake recipe – Better than Megan Fox – huge hit!!)moblomeley

  186. Anonymous Says:

    I follow on facebook!moblomeley

  187. Anonymous Says:

    I am a subscriber of your website!moblomeley

  188. scottsgal Says:

    we just go out for a nice dinnerthanks for the chancemsboatgal at

  189. James and Karen Says:

    It sounds like snow here so I will probably just hang out at home.

  190. Ashley Phillips Says:

    I will be spending the day with my husband and kids! I will cook something good to eat and just hang out around the house.

  191. Ashley Phillips Says:

    I am a follower!

  192. LB Says:

    Well, we were debating going to dinner or staying home… but a family member passed away today 😦 so we will be most likely spending it in IL preparing for her funeral. (sorry to be a downer!)

  193. LB Says:

    i follow on facebook

  194. LB Says:

    i subscribe via email

  195. LB Says:

    tweeted –

  196. Melissa Says:

    My hubby and I will go to church and then I plan to cook his favorite meal – meatloaf and mashed potatoes 🙂

  197. Suzanne Earl Says:

    WE will have a yummy dinner and then enjoy some snuggling on the couch watching a romantic film! after all – how many days out of the year can I convince my hubby to watch a chick flick?

  198. Suzanne Earl Says:

    I am a follower too!

  199. Cheryl Says:

    We are spending the day with the kids,making cupcakes and such and making it a family day.

  200. Joy Says:

    Definitely going to chill with the family! We might catch dinner and I want to go to the movies to see "Valentine's Day" but I may have to postpone that for awhile.

  201. Anonymous Says:

    We are starting Financial Peace University! How fun is that?!?!Darrellmiamichickens at yahoo dot com

  202. Laurie C. Says:

    We plan to have a quiet evening at home. My hubby has to work, so my boys and I are going to make a special dinner and we'll all eat together when he gets home. 🙂

  203. Kimberly Says:

    Well, since my hubby is a Nascar fan and February 14th is the Daytona 500 (the Super Bowl of Nascar) I think we'll be watching racing. But, my hubby is planning something special for Saturday. I'm okay either way, I date night without kids is great anytime.

  204. Rebecca Says:

    It's my son's first birthday, so we are having a small party for him.

  205. cristiniscouponcrazy Says:

    me and my fiance were going to go out to dinner but we decided to stay in and make dinner and go out sometime later this month. especially because of how busy the resteraunts are and we dont really have the money right

  206. lynda Says:

    valentines on a weekend is crazy so this wednesday will be our special day. A scavenger hunt that will end on Valentines day will follow.

  207. Jill O Says:

    I realized I didn't leave a way for you to contact me when/if I win so I am adding this comment to add my email

  208. Sabrina Says:

    We are planning a family dinner with Fondue! I can not wait. We are going to dip everything we can find yummy in chocolate and cheese…. We will use your suggestion to get out the china and make it extra special. Love your blog and the giveaways… hope I win. my coupons are everywhere, I could use some

  209. susan Says:

    I plan to go out with my husband to dinner, and come home and relax!

  210. Shannan Says:

    Hi – Hubby is working so the girls and I are going to make a pizza and bake cookies!

  211. Melissa Says:

    Spending the day with my hubby and two boys. There's nothing better.

  212. Melissa Says:

    I blogged about your giveaway too!

  213. kts89z Says:

    I am going to spend the day with my husband and kids– probably grab a bite to eat– but I like your idea of cooking at home and lighting candles– might be something new to try.

  214. Dawn Says:

    Looking forward to spending the day with my wonderful husband and two beautiful girls. We will probably order out and maybe watch a movie!

  215. Courtney Says:

    We are taking the first family trip that we have had in years & driving with our five kids (under the age of 9!) for 10+ hours to Utah, to visit my sister. Now that is love!:)Happy Valentines Day! This coupon binder would be for her…she would LOVE it!

  216. Rachel Says:

    We are staying in on Valentine's Day. We used to get takeout, but it takes too long!Instead, I am thinking about making Portuguese Chicken. We did this once before and it was delicious. It's also a nice joint effort, since I do all of the prep and my husband does the grilling. Also, my son and I will surprise Daddy with some homemade heart-shaped cookies. 🙂

  217. Rachel Says:

    Also, I am a Twitter follower!!

  218. Elissa Wolfe Says:

    Well since I was just released from the hospital from having surgery and our Anniversary is the 11th, I am hoping that we might be able to go to a quick sweet dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill depending on how I am feeling. Then we will be able to celebrate with our boys as well.

  219. Chantel Says:

    My husband unexpectedly lost his job in a big company layoff (the aircraft business isn't doing so well right now) and our plans for our first valentines together have been put on hold and re adjusted. Living on no income, and trying to make ends meet is a challenge, but just goes to prove that the best things in life aren't things that money can buy. We're happy and trusting HIM to help us from here.I'd still like to do something special. Maybe make some brownies, or something special and unexpected. We'll see what I can dig up after we settle our accounts and see what we have left to live on. :)alaskawildrose AT gmail DOT com

  220. LizinSTL Says:

    No big plans. Quiet dinner with the family.erauls(at)sbcglobal (dot) net

  221. Jenn Says:

    plans for valentines day are to go shopping for some home remodeling items and eat lunch out LOL Big exciting plans at my house…NOT lol!

  222. Sandra K321 Says:

    We'll all go to my younger son's soccer game in the morning. Then on the way home we'll stop at a restaurant for a nice lunch to celebrate my older son's birthday (he'll turn 18 on Valentine's Day), then home to watch the Daytona 500!seknobloch(at)gmail(dot)com

  223. Anonymous Says:

    I would LOV LUV LOVE one of these – everytime I go to the store and don't have an additional coupon that I want to use I think how great it would be if I had one of these!!

  224. Rachel Says:

    I follow via facebook!

  225. Rachel Says:

    I also tweet!!

  226. AddingOn Says:

    The hubby is deployed so the kids and I are going to go spend the weekend with a fellow family whose hubby is also deployed, not romantic, but 2 adults and 5 kids for a weekend should keep our minds off the fact that our hubbies are here

  227. Deedles Says:

    I'll be baking Valentines Cupcakes for my son.

  228. Shasta Says:

    for valentine we are going to a dance on the 20th at a friend barn–an annual thing–lots of fun-come on lucky binder come my way

  229. Shasta Says:

    i facebooked about your wesbite

  230. Shasta Says:

    i definitly blogged about your website and giveaway

  231. AZsunshine90 Says:

    We are spending the day with family and friends at two parties!

  232. mrsman99 Says:

    My husband & I went on a road trip to the "big city" (Bangor, ME), early on Valentine's weekend w/ friends. We all sent our kids with their grandparents, and had some much-needed retail therapy- SHOPPING!;0) And hit a bunch of restaurants we don't have back home. Lots of laughs & time to relax(snuck in a little romance, too!)

  233. mrsman99 Says:

    I also follow on

  234. mrsman99 Says:

    I'm a subscriber, too!

  235. Short On Cents Says:

    I spent the entire day with the entire family lvn777 at charter dot net

  236. Short On Cents Says:

    I already follow you lvn777 at charter dot net

  237. susanmw1 Says:

    If I were to ever win a binder, I would for sure try this method!

  238. Susan S Says:

    my son and I are going to organize our coupon folder take out expired to mail to the troops and go do our cvs'in he is really getting the hang of it and since he just got his license he is always ready to go make a trip for me! Since he has discalculia a math learning disorder. couponing is helping him work on is math money skills. He is responsible for keeping an organized binder at his school so I think a coupon binder would be great for him Thanks for your blog and your twitter updates I follow you every day!

  239. Susan S Says:

    my son and I are going to organize our coupon folder take out expired to mail to the troops and go do our cvs'in he is really getting the hang of it and since he just got his license he is always ready to go make a trip for me! Since he has discalculia a math learning disorder. couponing is helping him work on is math money skills. He is responsible for keeping an organized binder at his school so I think a coupon binder would be great for him Thanks for your blog and your twitter updates I follow you every day!

  240. lmgohlke Says:

    I would love to win this give away!!! My husband says I dont need to spend the money on one. What I am doing seems to work just fine. Although he isn't the one working with the "system". 🙂

  241. Chris Says:

    My husband gave me roses and chocolate!! Such a great guy!

  242. Chris Says:

    I tweeted about this –

  243. Chris Says:

    I subscribe via Google RSS, and I follow you on Twitter!

  244. Missy Says:

    Well, I'm a little late to tell you my plans as yesterday was Valentine's Day. 🙂 I'm actually not a fan of Valentine's Day. I hate the commercialism of the made-up holiday, but I did get to enjoy the sales that went with it. Hubby and I enjoyed some tenderloin steaks and asparagus for dinner that I got on sale last week. Earlier in the day, we took our pretty girl boxer to the dog park, and walked around the LSU lakes. After dinner (and fixing a nightcap), we re-watched the Superbowl. A very subdued and wonderful day for us! Btw, I can't even begin to describe how much I want to win this giveaway! I NEEEEEED a coupon binder. 🙂 Thanks so much for all that you do!

  245. Tracey Says:

    I spent it alone… my husband had to go out of town at the last minute. But it is ok.. we will plan something for when he comes back home.

  246. Priya Says:

    I would love to win .We did some shopping and got a toy for our little gal on valentine's day.

  247. Kristin Says:

    Spend time with my hubby and family!!

  248. Kristin Says:

    I follow on Facebook! Thanks

  249. Nicole Says:

    I hung out with my 3 little girls because my husband had to work.

  250. SunshineofAutumnQuilts Says:

    Cleaning so we can build on a storage area for food and celebrating our boys birthdays.

  251. LAURA Says:

    I spent the day with my hubby just relaxing, it was so nice.

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