Valentines Day Frugal Food and Crafts!

There are some really awesome Valentines Day food and crafts out there on the web. These are a few of my favorites!

The girls over at Our Best Bites have an amazing tutorial on how to make Valentines Day fortune Cookies.

Photo: Our Best Bites
I plan on trying these this year as long as it continues to rain and we are stuck inside. Her directions are very easy and I think I can tackle this one!
I know this is cheesy, but we just had a long converstion at work about how bad our handwriting has gotten because we don’t write anything any more. It is all typed. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE to get a handwritten letter in the mail. It is so much more fun to read! When I look at my Grandmothers handwritting I am sad that I never took the time to make it as beautiful as hers, it really is an art.
I plan taking Friday night to write lvoe letters to my family, I want to do them on nice cards or paper, it might be cheesy and inexpensive but my time is worth more than anything else I have!
HERE is a good tutorial on how to write a Love Letter, or at least some ideas to get you started!
Photo credit: Taste of Home
Back when cookies boquets were really popular, I made a few because I couldn’t bring my self to spend the $60 that they cost. I made mine for about $20 and they turned out beautiful!
I would like to make 2 this year, one for each of the older women, who are both widows, that live on either side of us. I will enlist the kids to help for sure they love this kind of thing. Wish me luck!
I personally liked this chocolate cookies recipe and they have good directions!
My girls and I made these last year for our neighbors. I happened to have everything on hand so they were a sinch. Even the little fingers of my 5 year old was able to do this one.
The directions are HERE.
Do you have any great food or craft ideas?


4 Responses to “Valentines Day Frugal Food and Crafts!”

  1. .:Anna:. Says:

    This is sooo much fun. I should send you that sugar cookie recipe!

  2. Shawntell Says:

    My mother wrote me handwritin notes on my birthday growing up. I still have them and cherish them. She too had beautiful handwriting and they were always about how much she loved and admired me. She has a way with words I wish I had.

  3. Says:

    i made fortune cookies before and totally loved it! i like the finishing touch for Vday. you are brilliant tiffany!!

  4. Ramsey Says:

    I love this blog, but this post specifically I thought looked easy and fun for Valentines day..

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