Target deals week of Feb 14th

Target has been ugly lately in my area so make sure to print a copy of Target’s Official Coupon Policy to take with you incase you experience any trouble at your store. 

Red, green or black seedless grapes $0.99/lb
Green bell peppers $0.79 each
Cucumbers $0.79 each
Anjou or Bosc pears $0.99 each
Cauliflower $1.79 each
8-lb. bag oranges $4.99 each
3-lb. bag California Clementines $2.99 each
(check 1/07/10 Smart Source… Some people got $1.00 off I only got $.55)

Dole Salads $1.99
Printable Coupon save $0.75/1 (use zip 77477)
Final Price, $1.24
16-oz. Gold’n Plump boneless, skinless chicken breasts $3.49 eachLook for packages with peelies to save $0.75/1
Final Price, $2.74
Sutton & Dodge® top sirloin steak $3.99/lb
Printable Coupon save $1.00
Final Price, varies
Market Pantry golden turkey breast (deli) $3.99/lb
Printable Coupon save $0.50 on 1 lb or more
Final Price, varies
12.8- to 16-oz. Ball Park beef franks $2.49
(01/10 RP) save $1.00/2
Final Price, $1.99 each
6-ct. Thomas’ English muffins $2.50
March All You save $1.00 (if Honey Wheat is included in sale)
Final Price, $1.50
20- to 28-oz. McCain frozen potatoes $2.29
(12/06 SS) save $1.00 (regional)
Final Price, $1.29
18-ct. Gorton’s crunchy golden fish sticks $2.99February All You save $0.60
(01/24 SS) save $1.00/2 or $0.55/1
Final Price, $2.39, $2.44 or $2.49
14-oz. Häagen-Dazs ice cream $2.79
Printable Coupon save $1.00/2
Final Price, $2.29
Disney’s Up DVD $9.00
Printable Coupon save $3.00 
Final Price, $6.00
Chocolate Cheerios or Fiber One Cereal $2.99
Printable Coupon save $0.55/1 Chocolate CheeriosPrintable MFC on save $0.55/1 Chocolate CheeriosPrintable Coupon save $0.75/1 Fiber One CerealPrintable MFC on save $0.75/1 Fiber One Cereal
Final Price, $2.44 Cheerios or $2.24 Fiber One
Campbell’s Select Harvest $1.50
Printable Coupon save $1.50/3 or $1.00/3
Final Price, $1.00
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunchmeat $2.79
Printable Coupon save $1.00/1
Final Price, $1.79
Select Special K bars, crackers and other snacks $2.50
Printable Coupon save $1.00/3 (says any Kellogg’s snacks)
Final Price, $2.17
Kellogg’s Cinnabon bars $1.88
Printable Coupon save $1.00/3 (says any Kellogg’s snacks)
Final Price, $1.55
40-lb. Pedigree dog food $18.89
(02/14 RP) save $3.00
Final Price, $15.89
Listerine 1 liter bottle $4.50
Get a $5 Gift Card wyb 3
Printable Coupon save $1.00/1 (use 2 computers to print 3)
Final Price, after Gift Card $5.50 for 3 ($1.83 each)
Softsoap body wash $2.99
(01/31 SS) save $1.00 or $0.75
Final Price, $1.99 or $2.24
Softsoap pumps $1.00
March All You save $0.50/1
(01/31 SS) save $0.35/1
Gillette Fusion Razors $6.99Get $5 Gift Card wyb 2(02/07 P&G) save $4.00 (use 2)
Final Price for 2 after GC, $0.98 for 2
Venus Breeze Razors $6.99Get $5 Gift Card wyb 2(02/07 P&G) save $2.00 (use 2)
Final Price, $4.98 for 2
Pantene Hair products $3.29
(02/07 P&G) save $2.00/2 or $1.00/1 styler
Final Price, $2.29 each

Thanks MDM!


One Response to “Target deals week of Feb 14th”

  1. Sheri Says:

    You have been having problems too?! I was treated SO badly a week ago when using coupons. I even called and filed a complaint but nothing came of it. I was told that I could not use more than 2 of the same coupons per transaction. Plus, the cashier was so, so rude to me. She told me to hand her my coupons before she would ring me up and started inspecting them just looking for a problem. I think I will just go across the street to walmart when I have mulitple coupons. Just had to rant 🙂 Oh, we are in Pearland 🙂

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