Walgreens: Almost Free toothpaste all month!

At Walgreens for the rest of this month you should be able to get almost free toothpaste. I used all mine for the humanitarian packs for Haiti so I need to stock up again!

$2.29 Toothpaste
-1.50 Walgreens February Coupon Booklet
-0.75 2-7-10 PG
$0.04 Final Price!!

There could be some regional differences in pricing, but it should still result in some nearly free toothpaste for many of you! Thanks KCPPM!


5 Responses to “Walgreens: Almost Free toothpaste all month!”

  1. Robyn Says:

    i'm new at drug store couponing, to stock up on these do i need to get multiples of the wags feb coupon book? or can i buy 3 toothpastes in one transaction and use the wags coupon for all? thanks

  2. MyLitter Says:

    Robyn, no you should be able to use the Walgreens coupon on all the packs. Usually you just need one coupon and it takes the amount off every item. I am going later today I'lllet you know how it goes!

  3. ~Mo~ Says:

    ooohh, Thanks, I was starting to run low on toothpaste! Last week, I got a Free Pull-ups package coupon, so took it to walgreens and got the pullups for free and 3 RR!!

  4. Susan Says:

    I guess I was confused. I thought that coupon in the booklet was a manufacutered coupon. I thought it said something about that on it. Yea.

  5. ~Mo~ Says:

    I went today, at my store they were 2.99, so I got mine for .74, still a good deal!, I used my RR to pay.

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