Killer Kroger Deal!

This is from my friend the coupon goddess Susan! I am sure she sent it from her iphone in the store! Can you see her total?? $1.90! She saved 96%! This is what she said…

“My $1.90 got me 12 Pyrex he. 4 Gatorade. 4 Ragu. A box of tampons free from a Catalina I found in the basket of coupons people don’t want at customer service!  And, 3 revlon double pack nail files.   I am going to call the toll free Catalina number and complain. I’ll let you know what they say!”

O.K. I am guessing she is complaining about the catalina that was supposed to print out for the purex? Because if she is complaining about paying $1.90 for all that I am going to SLAP her!!


8 Responses to “Killer Kroger Deal!”

  1. SunshineofAutumnQuilts Says:

    yeah I bought purex twice and no catalina. Did get one the very first trip. I was very disappointed! Your friend did great on this trip though. Wow!

  2. Colleen Says:

    I just called Catalina. They are VERY nice and will send you the coupon. Purex pulled the deal, not catalina and they are still honoring it!

  3. Savvy Addy Says:

    Thanks for the info – I have two purex failed transactions – will they honor both?

  4. Tracy Says:

    What is the number to call Catalina? I need to call also.

  5. susanmw1 Says:

    I called 888-322-3814 but they told me kroger canceled the deal. I could call and complain to kroger corporate. I sent an email to kroger corporate.

  6. .:Anna:. Says:


  7. twanda Says:

    How was she able to buy so many pyrex's, doesn't Krogers have a policy where you can only use 3 coupons for the same item? How was she able to buy 12 on one transaction?

  8. MyLitter Says:

    Depends on the Kroger she went to…. The one on Gosling will let you use as many as you want.

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