Remember this guy? Ask Paul, is back!

Remember this guy?!
Hideous I know…
Back, in the dark ages (last summer) my husband would cry himself to sleep at night because he was sooo left out of the blogging world. I felt like it was my duty to give him a voice and we did a segment called “Ask Paul”. You can read the first one HERE
It started off a little slow, but soon took off to where he was getting about 20 emails a week. Quite honestly, I was really surprised. One week he even got 41 emails. Then he quit. I think it freaked him out. 
Well, he’s back! Ready to take all your coupon, what’s wrong with my husband, I hate my dog also, and I can’t wait for football season to be back, questions!
You can email him at
* Look for Ask Paul on either Friday or Saturday nights, because basically when you have 6 kids and your wife is pregnant with your 7th you don’t have a life! This IS your weekend entertainment!

P.S. My Mother has never had so much fun photoshopping in her life! I can still here her giggling! 



2 Responses to “Remember this guy? Ask Paul, is back!”

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  2. .:Anna:. Says:

    Oh dear..

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