Food Storage Friday – Building a storage room.

My friend Clara and her husband built this awesome food storage room into their garage. 
I am so jealous!
I drug my husband over to show him so he would be as excited as I am about starting ours. 
I’ll let you know if it worked!
Regardless, Clara and her husband did an amazing job and even cooler it really only took them about 9 hours the first day framing.
One day of drywall.
Last day finishing. 
Looking through this door, you had been looking into their garage, it was basically an outside door. 
Now they have a darling little entry way. 

This view, I am standing in the doorway of the new door to the garage. 
They did loose about 1/2 of their garage putting the room in. 
But here in TX we really don’t have many other methods of a full store room, unless you move a child out!
Have I mentioned I would kill for a basement?!
They put in a really nice pocket door to save on space. 
This is looking into her store room. 
LOVE the gorilla shelving!
They put down laminate flooring, you can not store any food storage directly on cement. 
Clara did hire out the drywall work which is well worth the money and time. They really know what they are doing and do it right. 
We almost divorced over a dry walling episode in one of our bathrooms 🙂
Clara’s awesome upright freezer and containers of wheat. 
They did a really nice job and it has honestly inspired my husband to help me get ours done. 
Both Clara and I are doing, and did theirs, in way that if we have to rip it out to sell the house we will be able to do it easily. 
She didn’t put down tile for that reason, a bugger to pull out 🙂
As we get going on ours I will let you know of the cost involved.
**The chemicals and moisture from the cement can ruin your food. Set the food on top of boards or some kind of barrier to prevent them from touching the cement.


5 Responses to “Food Storage Friday – Building a storage room.”

  1. OberleMommyOf2 Says:

    Why can you not put food storage on cement?

  2. Michele Says:

    This is great. My husband just built me a food storage/laundry/homeschool room. We live in Florida, so no basement here either ours also took up a portion of the garage. But, we can just barely fit our minivan in if a hurricane comes to protect it. We did use tile however because it was left over from our kitchen which meant free…sort of. We also put in a pocket door and used wire shelves from his parent's closet that they no longer wanted. And my paint was an "oops" bucket from Home Depot, so it was 5 bucks! I'd love to send you pictures of mine too. He finished it a week after we had our 3rd baby in November.

  3. Kristen Says:

    Awesome room! We have a cold storage in our basement and we are in the middle of finishing the rest and expanding our food storage…I thought I would be fine leaving it unfinished but NOW…I think I want it pretty with nice walls and floors.I'm not sure my husband (who is doing the work) is going to be happy that I saw this today! 🙂

  4. Marissa Says:

    I didn't know about the food on the cement thing, that is good to know. You will have to share how you do it for those of us that would also like to do this to their garage and be able to rip it out if you had to to sell the house.

  5. ~Mo~ Says:

    My brother in law brought home a bunch of wood that a hotel was using for window coverings(you know the kind that's a piece of wood with fabric on it) my husband and brother in law made 2 large shelves and hung up that wood with the holes on the garage wall. my brother in law got some hooks from a store that was closing so I have a place to hang things.Now he's going to get me some of those huge buckets with lids from the restaurant he works at.

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