This is what happens when men babysit…

As a hair stylist I have seen hundreds of hysterical Mother’s with children who have decided to cut their own hair. I have also had to fix probably a hundred little heads of hair to trying to salvage what was left of a do it yourself haircut.
I remember my sisters cutting each others hair and my Mom having to fix it. The worst was my good friend Paige (don’t hate me for this…) her daughter had the most gorgeous long thick hair. She cut it so short and to the scalp she looked like an albino. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, the daughter was fine, Paige was a mess!
Earlier this week my little 3 year old decided she didn’t like the hair in her face and she gave herself bangs. I was furious, I gave her the “no one but me cuts your hair” talk. She has bangs now. I hate bangs…
Tonight I was teaching a coupon class and left the kids and their cousin with Paul. I got home and we put them to bed. My parents came to pick up my niece and as soon as she walked out of the room I noticed this…

Her hair had been cut! I freaked, and she proudly told us how my 3 year old had cut her hair! Seriously, why my kid. I feel horrible, her Mom is out of town, I had to call and profusely apologize and beg for forgiveness! My sister handled it much better than I would have, she just told me to fix it.
So we had an impromptu haircutting party.
Then we blew it dry and made her cute!
I actually almost like it better now. She needed the ends cut anyway, right?

** Update… the baby woke up and Storie had gotten him also!!!!
Any haircutting horror stories out there?


17 Responses to “This is what happens when men babysit…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    At a large, family get together at my mother's house, my 5 year old son and my 5 year old niece were playing quietly upstairs (or, so we thought). When we checked on them, they had given each other haircuts. My son's head was almost half shaved, and my niece had a mullet! It took forever for their hair to grow back. However, we laugh now.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Yep, we had one take out a chunk all the way to the scalp..right in the front! This one could have been tragic, but wasn't so I'll share. We had been without power for over a week due to a hurricane (from Fl). There are always hurricane scares so we were of course not expecting this one to be any different…it was. Anyway, our battery supply was depleted and there were no stores open to buy more. We started burning candles at night for light. I LOVE candles and have them burning everyday so the kids are very used to them. I guess the difference is they were our light source. Lauren, with her long hair, caught the front on fire. We were able to get it out, but not before it burned a chunk almost to her scalp. It took forever to grow back…well it seemed like it! There was other hair around so we did the "pullover" to cover up the spot like some balding men do:)

  3. twanda Says:

    Here's one in reverse…I guess my secret passion in life is to be a hairstylist….I took the scissors one time to give my daughter a haircut, and the hair just kept getting shorter and shorter and shorter, because each time I tried to just "even it out"…Her hair to start with was down to her bra strap, by the time I finally said, "I think I got it even", it was just below her chin! OY! She was a good sport about it, I felt awful!

  4. Meagan and John Says:

    well a week before my son started head start he came to me, and when I saw his head I swear he was being preped for brain surgery–no my son had found the clippers and had shaved half his head–the only half he could reach, I tried to take a picture of it before I had to shave the rest off, but the camera was acting up (turned out i just had it on the wrong option, in my distressed moment I didn't even check that). To make it better nobody liked his shaved head, and everyone felt like informing me just how bad it looked, he loved it though, I hated that everytime he would sit on my lap I could see the little scar on his head from when I was in labor and they screwed a heart monitor into his skull right before he went into distress and they had to c-section it, not to mention a lot of other scars from him being all boy were now visible as well–we have decided shaved is not the look for him, short yes, shaved no.the best part though is one of my friends was disgusted by the thought of my son's hair cut, her kids would never dare to do such a thing, or so she said, just the next week she was cutting everyones hair and didn't immediately hide the scissors and her daughter (who had long thick beutiful hair) cut a section off and my friend had to cut the rest off, because of her daughters black thick curls, the hair stuck to her head for almost a year, she has barely become able to put little pony tails in it again–never say never

  5. Tyson Suzanne Cristine Brooklyn Tanner Says:

    Yikes! one time when my oldest was 2 I thought Icould "just trim" the end by my self (my SIL lives in Idaho and when we lived there , she always did it, we had just moved) long story short- we both ended up going to the hair stylist -she needed hers fixed, and I got mine done to make it a fun girls day out to replace the horror.

  6. Tonia Says:

    I like it better! I can't believe all the stuff I'm missing out on down here. I starting to rethink the decision to live closer to were Ben works!

  7. Katie Says:

    Her hair turned out really cute!!My six year old was three at the time and she took scissors to her hair…and at the time…she had only had hair growing for about a year, so she didn't have a lot. Anyway, she ended up looking like a total redneck with a full mullet. She cut all the top of her hair off and left the back hair. I was mortified. Even thought about a wig but didn't want her to be confused with a sick kid…so I made her wear hats for the next year! LOL

  8. A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) Says:

    I gave my sister the cutest haircut she's ever had when she was 2. I cut off all of her darling little red curls and told her it was a masterpiece. My mother, who got out of the shower a few minutes later, didn't agree.I was 4.

  9. M and W Says:

    Thats funny, I once cut katie's hair. She almost killed me. Sierra looks so CUTE!

  10. Ramsey Says:

    hahaha! My mom is a beautician and my dad had built a little salon in our house so she could do it from home. I grew up watching her cut people's hair so naturally I just assumed I could do it to. My mom spent many hours fixing my haircuts and even as a teenager she had to fix my colorings. hahaha! Although now as an adult I can do a semi decent hair cut and I no longer leave big patches of color when I highlight hair. Just think of the life skills you're teaching your kids 🙂

  11. kim Says:

    yeah all my kids have had the urge now and then to trim themselves and others…lol.My personal worse story though is a few months ago my 6 year old son decided his sister's $100 American Girl Dolls needed a hair cut!

  12. LizOwenLilyMom Says:

    My daughter cut her hair twice and both times were on her Daddy's watch! The first time it was just a little here and there and wasn't noticeable in her very thick hair. But the second time she cute a big chunk out at the scalp in the back. We went and got a short cut and you could still see some she had cut. It took a long time to grow out again.

  13. Rita T. Says:

    Been there and done that….her hair is really cute now, though.

  14. The Short Mom Says:

    When my youngest was about 3 I picked her up from daycare one day but before I could get her the director wanted to talk to me. My daughter with at least half of the class decided to play beauty school and cut each others hair! They used the little blunt scissors and cut one boys hair so bad it had to be shaved! it was terrible and there were some upset parents and the two teachers that were supposed to be watching them got in to a lot of trouble. Emily had a little mullet and at the time had long hair with ringlets all down the back and of course I cried because we had to cut it to fix it and all of her little baby curls never grew back

  15. The Vowles Family Says:

    Hasn't this happened before? Is this a repost or did it actually happen again???

  16. Marissa Says:

    Thats funny, I'm sure it happens to everyone but my kids are scared of getting their hair cut so hopefully I'll get out of one of these memories.

  17. Michelle Says:

    My precious baby girl (3 at the time) was watching me cut my sons hair (with clippers). Then the doorbell rang. While I was at the door she took the clippers and started right in at the front center of her head. I was able to cut her bangs that took up almost half her head to cover it up until it grew back out.

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