Huggies $.49 a pack at K-Mart! *UPDATED!*

Wow! This is really turning into a mess!

“Kmart is apparently letting us know what a wonderful retailer they are.  They have now decided to tell everyone that the coupon from their site is fraudulent.  Hmm…the coupon came directly from them.  Maybe they didn’t realize so many people would print it! Maybe they underestimated the power of couponers.  Anyway, they will no longer accept this coupon.

Sorry Guys!” – A Few Shortcuts

**UPDATE- Looks like unless you live in Chicago, they are not honoring the $10 off coupon, in fact it looks like they have pulled it from their site…. I am leaving this deal up incase you had a chance to print yours off! 

First, you’ll need to sign up for a 
Shop Your Way Kmart Rewards card here. {Part of this deal is receiving back a $3 rewards credit, which you need a Rewards card to obtain! After you sign up, you can print a temporary card to use immediately.}

Purchase 2 Huggies Jumbo pack diapers, $9.99 each (your total must be over $20)

Purchase 1 participating filler item over .02 {a low cost idea would be a Maybelline lip or nail product. See the circular here for more ideas.}



One Response to “Huggies $.49 a pack at K-Mart! *UPDATED!*”

  1. AZsunshine90 Says:

    I can not seem to find out where the $10 off $20 coupon is on the Kmart site. Help?

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