My Kroger Trip!

After going to Walgreens with 3 little kids I thought I would torture them a little more and drag them through Kroger with out a plan, that means taking a longer time and me looking through my coupon binder a lot!

What the heck is up with the picture??? Sorry if you can’t see it! I am not sure why it is showing up for some and not others…

Anyway, My total was $81.46, I saved $75.02 so about half. Not bad for no plan!

Don’t forget to use your $.50 off a snickers coupon, they expire the 31st. It makes 2 free at Kroger.

Plus, the lucnchables were free with coupon and the new yoplait Greek yogurts were only $.14 with  coupon! Bugles are $.50 with coupon.

** Also, I want to say “Hi!” to the reader I met in the store ( I said your name all the way home so I would remember it and sure enough when I got here I forgot!! I am Sorry!) I love meeting people saving money!


2 Responses to “My Kroger Trip!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am the one you met at Kroger today. You are so incredibly nice! Thanks for being so helpful! I will probably see you again, since I shop for deals several days a week. You have completely changed the way I shop. It seems like I go to a different store every day to find the good deals. It's a fun new hobby that helps our family stay out of debt! Thanks again, and it was great to see you!

  2. Susan S Says:

    where did you find the bugles coups? I love those!

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