My Walgreens Trip!

Today is Monday, and my turn to drive for ballet, so I made my token trip to Walgreen! Thank goodness my favorite checker was there…. the only one in the area who is friendly. 

I made 4 transactions. My total out of pocket was $15.65.

Transacion #1
Dulcolax $10.00
Dove Shampoo $4
Used: $4 Ducolax coupon
Total : $10.33
Got back $10 RR and $4 RR

Transaction #2
Womens Vitamins $3
Dove Conditioner $4
Dentek Floss $2
Tuff Bags $4.99
Angel Soft TP $3.50
Used: $10 RR, $4 RR
Total due: $3.53
Got Back $3 RR, $4 RR, $2 RR

Transaction #3
Simply Saline $7
Angel Soft Tp $3.50
Gift Bag (filler) $.25
Used: $3 RR, $4 RR, $2 RR
Total Due: $1.79
Got Back $7 RR

Transaction #4
2 Angel Soft TP $7
Used: $7 RR
Total : $0!!



One Response to “My Walgreens Trip!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I honestly can't count how many times I have gone to store and forgotten the Dulcolax. Happens all. The. Time.You inspire me to think outside the box.And to use birth control.

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