Toys R Us Awesome deal!

A HUGE thanks to reader Lora (check out her etsy shop!) for this great tip at Toys R Us!
I wanted to make sure you knew about the Toys R Us deal going on right now.  I was there (in Phoenix, AZ) this morning and their Rose Petal Cottage series is currently marked 70% off of their clearance prices.  So I scored the cottage (reg price $100) for $14.99, the Cherry Blossom Market (reg $70) for $10.49.  They had about 20 Markets left at the store, and I bought 4 of them, so I could use them for birthday parties for my daughters’ friends, etc.  I’ve been wanting to buy these for at least a year, and am glad I waited until today.  
I’ve been a bargain-hunter for a while and this is one of the best deals I’ve found.  I hope you find this to be helpful.  (Their website only shows a few of the smaller items left.) 

** I just ran up to my Toys R Us at The Woodlands mall and scored big!! They had the Market down to $10.45 from $59.99 and I got a bunch of the food priced at $5 a box it was $16.99! SUPER DEAL! They also had the Castle regular price $199 marked at $30. There were 2 left, I don’t have room for it but some little girl would love it!



2 Responses to “Toys R Us Awesome deal!”

  1. Mrs. Breier Says:

    Holy cow, I'm excited! Just ran out to Toys 'R Us. Spent $164.40 on $501.35 worth of Rose Petal Cottage stuff! Cottage, Market, Castle plus lots of accessories! I basically cleared the shelves. Thank you so very much for the great tip!!

  2. Lora Says:

    Yay! So glad you were able to find the deals. 🙂

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