Winner of the Taco TVP, and other ramblings…

My husband has accused me of “fishing for compliments” by saying I hate the way I look pregnant. I swear I wasn’t, but thanks anyway for all the nice words! Have you ever taken a picture of yourself or seen yourself on video and were genuinely surprised?? After I did that I kept saying to my husband, “Really? Do I really, for real, look like that all day? Does the camera change the way I look??”

“Yes, honey that is what you look like, (and for his sake he adds…) and I love you!”
Hmmm, my brain is really twisted then, because in my mind I am about 20 lbs lighter! Oh well!
I know the suspense is killing you….
The Winner of the Taco TVP ( you have to promise to use it!) is…
All of Us said…

We love enchiladas in our house, especially since I rarely take the time to make them. I have been plotting to get a can of shelf reliance at a time to see if my family would eat it. Food storage is one of my big goals lately and this would be a great way to get us started in the meat department.

Yea! Congrats, email me your snail mail address so I can get it out to you. *** I can’t believe I didn’t ask for recipes!!! OMGosh! Everything sounded so good! I LOVE mexican food!***

2 Responses to “Winner of the Taco TVP, and other ramblings…”

  1. ~Mo~ Says:

    Congratulations on Winning!!

  2. jenj22 Says:

    Where does one buy taco tvp? If it is the grocery, where is it usually located. I have never heard of it before watching your video.

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