Walmart: Awesome deal on Tostitos! $.98!

Remember in the little video that I did below that I was saying that I got my chips at Kroger for $2.87 with the $1 peelies? Well, Crystal a reader sent me this awesome picture of Tostitos on roll back at Walmart for $1.98 + on the bag you can see the $1 peelies! So the big bag of chips for only $.98!! Awesome deal! Thanks TucksMommy!



One Response to “Walmart: Awesome deal on Tostitos! $.98!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I was so excited to come across this post while I was on the phone with Hubs who just happened to be at Walmart, no doubt. I told him to check the Tostitos & if they had peelies get some. He found the chips with the peelies & picked up a few bags. I was going through the groceries he picked up & found the bags of chips with peelies still attached. I asked, "Why didn't you use the coupons?" & got a "Dang it!" Coupon fail! Oh well. Now I have coupons for next time.

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