Kroger Weekly Deals April 14th

Not much to get too excited about this week. They still have the deal going, so check your catalina’s and see what you won! Maybe I will actually be shopping at Randalls this week… that would be crazy! Thanks Courtney for these match-ups!

Free Facebook wyb Milk/Cookies



2 Responses to “Kroger Weekly Deals April 14th”

  1. JonMatthew Photography Says:

    I was at Sterling Ridge Krogr and the Starbucks coffee (bags) was 6.99 total bummer! And our milk is still 2.38 (or something like that) Anyone in the woodlands area encounter a different starbucks price at the store? At $4.99 i'd totally be willing to make the drive!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Jon Matthew,Your right the bags are $6.99, it is the 4 pack of iced Starbucks that are on sale for $4.99, sorry for any confusion!!

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