Target: Coupons Pulled, but free Motrin!

Unfortunately, the Target $5 Merona coupons I believe have been pulled! Joy left a comment saying she could not find them (they were in accessories) and reading a few forums it seems they are gone.
This sadly is a good example of why you print coupons as soon as you see them! ALL the big companies read all these deal blogs and they will actually pull coupons from their web sites if they think a deal might be too good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to Target this morning but I printed mine last night just in case. My sister was able to print hers this morning about 10am, but it looks like over lunch today they pulled them.
I was able to score each bag for $2 or $1.98 above and got the Motrin (see deal below!) for FREE! My total for the 4 items above was $4.31… not bad!



3 Responses to “Target: Coupons Pulled, but free Motrin!”

  1. wendy Says:

    I saw the coupon last night and I was feeling to lazy to get up and connect my printer to print it, so I waited til this afternoon (during nap time) and I was SOOOO bummed to see the coupon was gone!!! ….GRRR!!!..Sorry, just had to vent!

  2. anavybaby Says:

    I was able to get two bags today! Thanks for the tip! They were on clearance for $7 in Fredericksburg, VA.

  3. 123 checkoutourfamily Says:

    got my free bag yesterday.Sweet! The cashier decided she needs to start checking out the coupons.

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