Walmart: Deals we Saw Tonight!

The girls and I had to make a trip to Walmart tonight and this is what we found!
In the cereal isle, there was a display that had the HUGE boxes of Kelloggs cereal for $3.21, when you buy a box you get a free reusable tote, you can choose any of the three that I got. Cute Huh?! BUT, on each box was a peelie for $1 off that box, making it only $2.21 for the box of cereal and the bag.
Over my $1 a box limit but I thought that bags were cute! Now, the tag on the bag says you have to buy 2 boxes to get it free. BUT the display said 1. So I just asked the cashier and they gave them to me for only 1 box!

If you have not seen the soda deal it is killer! The 24 can boxes are $5, that is only $.21 a can! That is a stock up price for sure!

Have you found any good Wal-Mart deals lately?!



2 Responses to “Walmart: Deals we Saw Tonight!”

  1. ~Mo~ Says:

    I've been going to walmart to get my soda, since it's so cheap right now! we don't have that much of a food section yet, they are remodeling!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    There were some stickies on some boxes for $1 off. Made it only $4 for 24 cans! I bought two yesterday. 🙂 17 cents a can! Woot Woot!I didn't see the cereal deal. I wonder if Publix will have those bags?

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